5 How Flight Attendants Are Trained

How Flight Attendants Are Trained

Posted on June 27, 2013 by team

What do we actually pay for when we buy an air ticket? Not only for a flight, but for the skills and knowledge of flight attendants and pilots as well! Let us see where the flight attendants are trained. 


In some situations each second may save someone’s life. Flight attendants should be able to operate as one team, making the right decisions very quickly.



This is an emergency landing simulator based on the Il-96 plane.



The flight attendants are about to demonstrate emergency life-saving instant exit from the aircraft.



It’s the only pose you have to remember in emergency situations, it’s the fastest way to evacuate all the passengers.



The dummy used for resuscitation.



This simulator helps to practice evacuation from a super-jet.



The girls are showing how to act in an emergency depressurization – one has to put a mask on and help others to do the same, if necessary, one will have 15-18 seconds before he or she blacks out. Flight attendants have to control passengers and verbally give orders to them.



Upon landing if evacuation is required they say what to do: take off your shoes, leave everything on board and move to the nearest exit.



Such a signal means passengers should wait. The simulator imitates the sound of an escape chute inflating, the girls show that it’s not ready yet.



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5 Responses to “How Flight Attendants Are Trained”

  1. Mike says:

    Aeroflot had no good reputation during Soviet era. It was often the subject of jokes, But what about nowadays?–how does it rank and how is its reputation. Is is private or government? Can it be sued?

  2. Whah says:

    Suhkoi Superjet 100 simulator is just for emergency landing? :))) Abosutely russian aviation symbol and shame :D

  3. Kpt Kaint says:

    Interesting that Aeroflot still uses the hammer and sickle in their logo

  4. Hans Koestershien says:

    Cool photos

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