6 Examining Two Soviet Tanks

Examining Two Soviet Tanks

Posted on June 27, 2013 by team

Some pictures of the Soviet tanks Su and Isu at the places of their last stands. The first one is closed, the second is opened.

Just a toy for kids today…


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6 Responses to “Examining Two Soviet Tanks”

  1. john says:

    great site, i don’t think i would like to sit in that tank, very little room.It makes you appreciate the follow that did.

  2. Chai` says:

    The second tracked vehicle has no turret…

    A Russian Sturmgeschutz? (STuG)

  3. Chai` says:

    Oops! NEITHER has a turret?

    Identification, Plz?

  4. kokosz says:

    first is Su and second ISu.

    • Yea!!! says:

      yep, these are not tanks at all! They are both self-propelled howitzers, SU100 and SU120. SU120 was used in Egypt until 1980’s. They were based on T34 chassy for ease of manufacture, I’d say they did a good job.

      • modell builder says:

        Ehh.. yours discussion .
        First — SU-85 ,tank destroyer [ equipped 85 mm rifle gun] . Second ISU-152!!!! with a 152 mm gun [ howitzer ] Russian nicknamed -zvieroboj!!!-Correct me , if i am make mistake .

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