5 Two Ways of Revenge

Two Ways of Revenge

Posted on June 26, 2013 by team

In Ryazan you are not forgiven for bad parking!


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5 Responses to “Two Ways of Revenge”

  1. Kpt Kaint says:

    Has this type revenge always been common in Russia or just since the fall of the USSR?

  2. bjorn skis says:

    I guess just caling a tow truck would have been to hard

  3. Shepskii says:

    A white Chrysler? They definitely put the concrete in the wrong car.

  4. Chai` says:

    Translation of the graffiti, plz?

    I suspect it is something like “We are not amused by your poor parking skills.” “This is not polite”


    • Maus says:

      Rear bumper: “Left” “Right”
      Trunk: “Ilkhan” (name)
      Driver side doors: “Ryazan (city) loves me”
      Hood: “The hood is yellow”
      Rear window: “Smile”
      Passenger doors: “AI-98″ (gas type), “Messerschmitt”

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