5 Hot Days In Minsk

Hot Days In Minsk

Posted on June 26, 2013 by team

It’s hard to stay at an office when it’s 30C outside, and citizens of Minsk, Belarus, actually do not…

via onliner

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5 Responses to “Hot Days In Minsk”

  1. ivannabenderova says:

    Photographer must be a woman. Way too many boys and no hot girls…

  2. toboko says:

    Ruski’s all seasons fun.. winter,spring,summer,autumn

  3. Chai` says:

    Note: When it is 30C (86F) sitting in the sun is generally considered a ‘bad move’.

    The hippy with the beer in the shady sidewalk cafe has the right idea, and fruit-boy with the finger and the diaper needs to have his butt kicked.

  4. blaqb bla says:

    Author should consider learning to use white balance. Those photos are just terrible…

    • Bear says:

      Nope, photographer used a Nikon full frame camera at default settings. Then tried to repair whole thing in Lightroom but no avail.

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