6 Underground Headquarters of Communication

Underground Headquarters of Communication

Posted on June 24, 2013 by team

This underground headquarters of communication represents a structure of 1952 with a shelter layout – hermetic doors, air filters, reserve water tanks. It has a lot of escape maps, a room of radio operators, civil defence posters and much more. It had been functioning till 1993 till it was abandoned.

Ministry of Emergency of Russia.

Where did you see such things last?

Radio station P-109 m.

Emergency situations classification.

“Observe silence!”

“Control center of the object”.

“Case №..”

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6 Responses to “Underground Headquarters of Communication”

  1. geoff says:

    1 or two pages please. It gets too tiresome for us lazy ones.

  2. Hugh Crawford says:

    Yes, lazy indeed.

    Go elsewhere, and maybe someone will lie you down on a bed and project the pics straight into your eyes so you don’t even have to visit ER and click even on the posts!

    You don’t deserve to be allowed to look.

  3. RussianCanadian says:

    Does anyone know what the orange kits are for in the 2nd to last picture? I feel i should know from other picture sets of similar objects but cant remember

  4. Chai` says:

    Lip Gloss emergency packs.

  5. cyrus says:

    RussianCanadian they are chemical weapon antidote kits to counter Sarin exposure.

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