3 City Forming Power Plant of the Soviet Project

City Forming Power Plant of the Soviet Project

Posted on June 24, 2013 by team

Berezovskaya state district power plant is one of the eight coal-fired power plants (6400 MW each) which had to be built under the Soviet project. Like many others this project has not been fully fulfilled: only two out of the eight power units have been completed. Now they are building the third one. It does not look as huge as it was planned to be but still it’s impressive.

The power plant is situated in the Krasnoyarsk region and represents a city forming enterprise. Its population is about 40 thousand people (against 250 thousand which were expected).

7000 meters above the power plant.

Today it’s the most powerful power plant of the Krasnoyarsk region. The summarized capacity of the two power units is 1600 MW. The plant generates 6% of all electric power of the united energy system of Siberia. Its share in the power balance of the region amounts to 18-20%.

The plant has a unique fuel supply circuit. Brown coal comes directly to the plant from the coal field along the two 15 km open conveyors. The project output of the opencast coal mine amounts to 55 million of tons of coal a year, hourly 4400 tons of coal is supplied to the power plant.

There are many large vehicles working here including this rotor excavator.

There are many grids like this at the coal-storage area. Through them coal is supplied to the bunkers and further – to the conveyors leading to the burner belts.

The trajectory the excavator goes along.

The rotor rotates and the buckets grab coal and supply it on the conveyor belt which is located in the boom of the excavator.

For the first time in Russia a steam coal-fired boiler was applied at the Berezovskaya power plant.

It’s the view of the boiler from above. Its height is 106 m. Steam capacity is 2650 t/h.

This pipe is 370 m high so it’s the highest industrial object in Russia and the fifth in the world. They say it was planned to be even higher but the Japanese were afraid that smoke would reach their country.

There had to be two pipes like this. And the power plant had to look this way.

Two 800 MW turbines.

Main control room.

The power plant employs more than 1000 people excluding builders of the third power unit.

One of the turbines is being repaired.

The power unit is 120 m high.

Electrical filters which entrap ash.

The station is not equipped with cooling towers – they use this reservoir for cooling.

Catchwater drain.

The vessel is used to remove the peat and silt from the bottom of the reservoir.

Construction of the third power unit.

Its boiler will also be 106 m high. Now it’s a 120 m hangar with metalware.

When the third power unit is put into service the capacity of the plant will rise to 2400 MW.

Boiler constrcution.

Turbine house construction.

Turbine shafts.

Installation site.

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3 Responses to “City Forming Power Plant of the Soviet Project”

  1. zoidberg says:

    Thanks for the great pictures. I rather go for hydro and nuclear instead of polluting coal. bilding a high chimney no not solve the problem. Sad to se E-on being forced to abandon coal in Germany but investing in it in Siberia.

    • Papa Karlo says:

      “bilding a high chimney no not solve the problem.” Yes, it does solve the problem, combined with proper flue gas cleaning technologies.

      You will know this if you do some study on the subject, learn how smoke stacks operate, learn physical laws and formulae used to build them.

  2. Nemo says:

    Russia has too much natural gas to be using dumb coal to power still. Natural gas is not as polluting. That not to mention the huge area which could be used for wind or solar (electromechanics and metals are already there! USSR had lasgest steel output of the world)

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