2 On a Visit to the Armenian Capital

On a Visit to the Armenian Capital

Posted on June 19, 2013 by team

The capital of sunny Armenia is a rather hospitable city. Imagine the city with a million-plus population without McDonalds where numerous construction sites are slowly interfering in the Soviet urban image. Despite all attempts, as opposed to Batumi and Tbilisi, Yerevan does not sparkle with a tourist glamour – its streets are full of life.

Yerevan and other Armenian cities can never be confused with any other ones because of the special claret-colored houses. Thanks to tufa Soviet buildings look so cool.

There are a lot of nice examples of Soviet architecture in Yerevan.

The city is fully Soviet. Since 1924 it had been absolutely reconstructed.

Many yards are beautifully painted.

Little Ararat.

Yes, as it was already mentioned, Yerevan does not have McDonalds, though it has KFC, Pepsi Cola and Coca Cola and some American banks, but as for the rest – it’s like a reserve city.

TV tower.

They do whatever they want with houses.


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  1. Roman says:

    Thank you for this view to Yerevan. Once i want to visit this country and his capitol.

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