2 On a Visit to the Armenian Capital

On a Visit to the Armenian Capital

Posted on June 19, 2013 by team

The capital of sunny Armenia is a rather hospitable city. Imagine the city with a million-plus population without McDonalds where numerous construction sites are slowly interfering in the Soviet urban image. Despite all attempts, as opposed to Batumi and Tbilisi, Yerevan does not sparkle with a tourist glamour – its streets are full of life.

Yerevan and other Armenian cities can never be confused with any other ones because of the special claret-colored houses. Thanks to tufa Soviet buildings look so cool.

There are a lot of nice examples of Soviet architecture in Yerevan.

The city is fully Soviet. Since 1924 it had been absolutely reconstructed.

Many yards are beautifully painted.

Little Ararat.

Yes, as it was already mentioned, Yerevan does not have McDonalds, though it has KFC, Pepsi Cola and Coca Cola and some American banks, but as for the rest – it’s like a reserve city.

TV tower.

They do whatever they want with houses.

Tufa again and live traditions.

Roofs are never locked so people often make barbecue and rest on them.

Inside one of the houses.

The cinema named “Russia” was transformed into a market.

It’s just a random picture, they really have as many buyers as you see on this very picture.

They have a lot of cool stuff for sale.

Nagorno-Karabakh is considered to be the second Armenian state there.


These are Armenians, and they consider themselves to be Armenians, we mean they do not mind to listen to jokes about Azerbaijanis or Georgians.

They like sunflower seeds.

Unfinished cascade.

All reinforcement is already rusted which violates the building technology.

Yerevan Monaco.

Maison Charles Aznavour.

The modern buildings which look much better than other modern buildings in the city.

Hrazdan stadium.

Las Vegas of Yerevan. Yes, they build what they wish – it can be absolutely anything.

They say, that Ukrainian girls work in the casino.

This building is one of the most beautiful in Yerevan. It’s a sports complex of the 80s built in the futuristic style.

Citizens of Yerevan prefer eating at home.

Public transport is mainly represented by little buses where people have to bend double.

Bus stop.

Looks exotic, doesn’t it?

They pay when get off which is rather convenient.

The only subway line of Yerevan (ten stations) is proudly named “The First Line”. The second one exists only on the drawings and only oligarchs can set it going, but they prefer to finance the cascade – the one we showed you above.

Like many others, it’s the city of poor and rich.

The bus station.

It is awesome inside!

Nobody knows what this car is doing here, inside the building of the bus station, but it has been standing here for a long long time.

Do not think the city is gloomy, it is rather beautiful and interesting and absolutely worth visiting.

Location: Yerevan, Armenia

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    Thank you for this view to Yerevan. Once i want to visit this country and his capitol.

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