13 Spooky Reaserch Centre Abandoned In the 90s

Spooky Reaserch Centre Abandoned In the 90s

Posted on June 17, 2013 by team

This is an abandoned scientific and research institute of the special purpose which closed back in the 90s due to some unknown reasons. Its premises are preserved rather well so it is quite curious to see them today.

What experiments did they carry out here?

The kingdom of metal scrap.

Do not go to such places if you are claustrophobic.

“Entrance is allowed”, “No entrance”.

Here used to be fires..

It’s hard to believe these machines used to work..

Halls on the upper floor.

View from the main building of the institute.


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13 Responses to “Spooky Reaserch Centre Abandoned In the 90s”

  1. Osip says:

    Mind control research.

  2. petrohof says:

    why is the writing on the circuit boards in english?

  3. Ash says:

    A little more information about its location would be nice….then, maybe we could read more about these ‘terrifying’, yet unknown experiments.

  4. Tavor says:

    Photo lithography masks, chemicals, circuit boards, more circuit boards, with English letters. My money is on this being a defense-related electronics manufacturer.

    • George Johnson says:

      Probably, the better explanation is that they simply stole and copied English manufactured goods, and recreated them here.
      The russians were REALLY big on stealing secretes from industry as well as government.
      They had stations in almost every country whose main function was to steal as much stuff as possible.
      Saved them BILLIONS of dollars in R&D and development costs.

      So, they probably bought some English made device, and copied the circuit boards here (among other things).

  5. spookycentre says:

    What is the name of this place or where is located?

    ” They say that if you try to find some information about the centre and find out what they used to do there and what is located on its territory, you can become really terrified…”

    Whats located there that’s really terrifying?

  6. tt says:

    “Super secret” military lab cloning Tokheim Automation Corp fuel pumps? Sure… How about some dorks manufacturing outdated design with or without license.

  7. Libertas says:

    This is a fuel pump R&D, possibly some light manufacturing, operation — probably Tokheim, later purchased in the late ’90s by an American company. The cantilevered rack in the basement is likely to house the miles of various pre-crimped fuel lines needed for various phases of the operation. The photo of the engineering schematics appear to show basic breather valve design, and the chemistry labs would be standard in any operation like this to develop the appropriate apparatus for different global fuels & petroleum products. There’s hardly anything sinister or spooky about it — the fact that these photos exist is pretty conclusive proof that nothing of substantial interest or value occurred here.

    Neat time-freeze, though.

  8. bentos says:

    Tokheim,really? Funny you say that.I was a petroluem speclist for over 20 years and saw alot of the early stages of the tokheim fuel pumps ever made.Tokheim has been around for along time,one of last old fuel pump manufacturations in the world.In the last ’80s and early ’90s tokheim had a major problem with their computer boards that regulated the vapor away from the dispensing fuel.We ran into this problem firsthand and started a year long service contract with them.Not long afterwards,we had on the east coast,interests being made by foreigners esp. russians.Nobody knew the why but before long,we had an order from a(unknown)source to prepare four sets of tokheim(phase 2)fuel pumps.These pumps had to be changed in programming so it be possible to work with any european country.We never got a request again but in that order,one thing was weird.The order shipped with english blueprints of the manufacture and design of phase 1 and 2 of the tokheim electronic fuel pump.Years later,we had heard that other countries including russia were trying to duplicate those same fuel pumps that we prepared so long ago.I took a closer look an some of the chemicals and pictures.The pictures didnt show anything to me that they were constructing fuel pumps but the chemicals are ingerients for making petroluem fuel so its possible.Oh btw that american company was a german-based company called slumbershawe(i cant spell it exactly).it was the beginning of the end for tokheim after that buyout.By the 2000s they went bankrupted..lol

  9. bentos says:

    I’m sorry,I did see the computer board from tokheim-looks like a computer base board but an outdated one below phase 1.Looks like the russians were trying to duplicate the board but were having trouble with its circuit components.

  10. bentos says:

    They should have tryed to steal wayne or gilbarco fuel pump designs,tokheim electronic fuel pumps are/were a disaster-the worse fuel pumps ever made..lol

  11. Thomas says:

    Looks more like the SCME (Soviet Company Manufacturing Everything), counterpart to the real-life ACME (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/TRW_Inc.): pieces of gear for cars, planes, household appliances, sports gear, rockets and satellites.

    Pictures suggest its decline started long before 1990, although some activities may have been kept up.

  12. Jonathan says:

    Fantastic site you have, with incredible Russian pictures and moments of the past present and future industrial revolutions, Russia sure has many establishments well advanced science and technology that puts rest of the world to shame, such a massive country full of mystery. Lovely reports congratulations to all the photographers out their whom have contributed.

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