2 Flying Alligators, Sharks, Cows And Crocodiles

Flying Alligators, Sharks, Cows And Crocodiles

Posted on June 16, 2013 by team

Yes, tanks and night hunters do fly too. All these beasts go aloft over the 344 th Centre of Combat Training and Transition Training of Air Staff in Torzhok, Tver Region.

Simulator Mi-8MTB-5 in Torzhok is quite unsual. The cab of the simulator is mounted on the stationary platform but it does not spoil the general visual impression.

Visualization is so realistic that during the “flight” you feel all movements and rolling motions.



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2 Responses to “Flying Alligators, Sharks, Cows And Crocodiles”

  1. Adriaan Maes says:

    I would love to see picks from the inside of those mi-35 :p

  2. rytis mikucionis says:

    Lunochod-1 Taikos 149-13

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