6 The Unsafe Zone

The Unsafe Zone

Posted on June 15, 2013 by team

We often hear that the zone is safe. When you visit with a guide who forbids you to enter any buildings, you don’t have to worry about, of course. The ban on entering the buildings, preceded by an earlier ban on going onto the roofs, is slowly becoming the norm for tourist groups. The regulation has been in effect for a long time, but it’s being implemented more often. This comes as no surprise, if you look at the increasingly decrepit buildings.

Demolished school in Pripayt.


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6 Responses to “The Unsafe Zone”

  1. hal says:

    awesome!!!!!!! I can’t believe he walked on those creaky boards in the last few pics.

  2. 1571 says:

    Incredible documentary! But how can you measure 461 mSv/h with this counter? The Gamma Scout is only rated for 1 mSv/h (or 5 mSv/h?)?

  3. Adriaan Maes says:

    I was there in january, we had te permission to enter the buildings, once in the hospital, the driver (not the guide) wanted to see what was in the basement of the hospital. I knew nothing good was hiding there and let him go by himself. I wonder how much radioactive dust he inhaled. But it was a wonderful trip. Would like to get back there next year :p

  4. Anonymous says:

    What did you do with this particle?? This level of radiation is like being inside the reactor it is extremely dangerous. I suppose you informed the authorities so it’s being taken care of

  5. cisco says:

    Who did this documentary?
    I am really impressed of the DUGA antennas so I was curios to know if this is included in visits, or if there is a way, for european people, to visit such soviet era impressive places.

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