10 Great Power of One Museum Exposition

Great Power of One Museum Exposition

Posted on June 12, 2013 by team


Some pictures from the Museum of the Military Equipment “Battle Honour of Ural”, the exposition of aviation. This place can be highly recommended to be visited. It has hundreds of exhibits, many of them are truly unique. If all this equipment is activated ot once, its power will be superior than power of many armies of Central and Western Europe.

But today we are going to pay our attention only to military aircrafts exhibited here because the museum is too big to see everything at once.


Il-2 of 1942 restored by the museum.


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10 Responses to “Great Power of One Museum Exposition”

  1. Maverick says:

    That little window on the inlet spike of the SU 17 is probably used fora targeting laser in conjunction with laser guided bombs.On the ground aicraft weapons have safety pins(these pins are 15 cm in lenght but have a long red ribbon) to ensure that no weapon is fired accidentaly. Just before takeoff the groud crew remove all safety pins and show them to the pilot this meaning that all weapons are operational.

  2. jc says:

    Where is this?
    Does anyone ever read comments……

  3. Sean says:

    that thing on the nose is a stall warner vane, or sometimes angle-of-attack vane.


  4. Commieneutralizer says:

    That is a camera in the nose of the SU-17

  5. benzin says:

    9 Photo – Laser Distance Meter

  6. George Johnson says:

    That nose cone is probably moveable too, back and fourth, just like the ones on the Si-71. And why the aux intakes on the sides.

    And if you don’t “remove the pin”, the bombs won’t be armed, or may not drop from the plane, and then you have live ordinance on the plane when you land. Never a good idea.

  7. Rytis Mikucionis says:

    Aerodrom base “Zeljava” ex. Fishbed No.101

  8. sno says:

    Edward Snowden – a simulated secret information leak of (CIA). This is orgainized by Netherlands secret services (The Kingdom of Denmark). The ‘secret’ information disclosured to the public by Edward Snowden is forged (falsification).

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