3 The Secret Base For Storage of Nuclear Warheads

The Secret Base For Storage of Nuclear Warheads

Posted on June 10, 2013 by team

Krasnokamenka was a closed city of Ukraine where in the Soviet times there were built underground shops to collect nuclear warheads there to be subsequently transported to launch sites all over the central USSR and some Warsaw Treaty countries. For almost half a century this place was being surrounded with myths and legends but when Ukraine became an independent state the city was opened and all warheads were taken away to Russia.

Today there is a strictly guarded base of the elite regiment “Tiger” of the Ukrainian police on its territory. Most of the tunnels were re-equipped for munition storage.

When the USA destroyed Japanese cities with nuclear wepons in 1945 the world could clearly see the threat of the nuclear power. The government of the USSR set a task to scientists to create a nuclear weapon in the shortest possible time for the protection of the country. The scientists were provided with everything they could need – there were founded scientific and research centres, industrial enterprises applying the most advanced technologies.

The first Soviet nuclear bomb was tested four years later, in August 1949, and in the end of 1950 there was made a decision to create so-called central bases for storage of nuclear weapons.

Object 51 became one of such bases.

The working scale was rather impressive. By 1955 there was made a big tunnel in the mountain from its top almost to the very bottom, its width and height was not much smaller than of a subway tunnel. Its length was more than two kilometres.

Under the very top of the mountain there was an assembly shop and some storage depots. The shop was about twenty meters high and some dozens of meters long.  It was equipped with all necessary lifting equipment. The whole underground complex had power supply from outside and autonomous power supply from the emergency diesel generators located inside.

All shops were connected with a developed transport network that allowed to deliver loads on special trolleys along the light railway track. The portals were blocked with hermetic seals with mass of some dozens of tons, when needed they were rolled aside with an electric drive.

“Stop! Cargo transportation is forbidden till the dead stop of the gates!”

How do you like such a door?

The complex was often compared with a subway due to its specific construction. The mining works were done by specially selected convicts who had had experience in mining. Many of them were subsequently offered to stay as free workers for the maintenance of the object.

Old warheads were brought here for recycling and utilization as well.

Such objects were being built till the very peak of the Cold War in the end of the 80s.

When Ukraine was separated from Russia the empty tunnels were given to the armed forces of Ukraine, reconstructed for other needs or abandoned. The base in Krasnokamenka belongs to the first category.

Almost all metal from this storage has been plundered. The walls and ceilings are covered with soot.


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