12 Back In Pripyat

Back In Pripyat

Posted on June 7, 2013 by team

Pripyat never stops to attract more and more tourists who share lots of pictures from the exclusion zone with us. This is another photo report from the blogger who has been to Pripyat recently.

It’s the territory of the former military unit, there used to be an anti-aircraft missile regiment here.


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12 Responses to “Back In Pripyat”

  1. oldeafcoot says:

    A technological disaster. Man, by himself, would not have been able to do anything this bad without the assistance of technology.
    It is the kind of technology that is capable of turning the whole world into a Pripyat.

    • D says:

      not really. the last such massive disaster in Japan had exactly zero fatalities and zero cases of disease from Radiation.

      This kind of shit, mechanically, can’t happen again.

      • ingmar frauding says:

        yeah: “no one died directly from accident in fukushima – atomic power is good power”!!1!!!11!
        are you kidding me? thousands of people in japan will never come back to their homes, up to 75% of children around fukushima suffer from pre-cancer illnesses. many people will die sooner than normal, more will suffer bad.
        the accident in fukushima was a mechanical misfunction caused by the earthquake.
        this can happen everywhere, too and will happen somewhere sooner than you think.

        • ptc says:

          Fukushima is caused by people stupidity – like Chernobyl. There is no much difference between blowing a nuclear reactor as a part of experiment and building a power plant at sea shore, where it is hit by first tsunami.

          • ingmar frauding says:

            tschernobyl was caused by human stupidity, too. if you remember. or re-read.
            and fukushima happened because of the earth quake, not the following tsunami. according to official report months after tepco and government repeatedly tried to tell the “it was the tsunami!!!!”-story.

  2. dolores says:

    Why is it an “excluded zone”, where anyone can go in?

  3. MaLV says:

    Great pic’s, thought I hope the photographer had a dosimeter handy when he was near those trucks..

  4. Narf says:

    People steal things that have been constantly saturated with high levels of radiation for over 25 years? I can’t think of anything I’d want that badly, especially not some gruesome souvenir.

    • ptc says:

      They stole things shortly after disaster – remember, Chernobyl stores were full of goods. Few weeks, radioactive TV sets, cameras, electronic, bicycles and other stuff appeared on black market at whole SSSR.

  5. Nana says:

    Good to see some different pictures, not just the usual photos of the city, the hotel, house of culture, etc.! I live in a similar flat block (Eastern Europe) and imagening that our houses could look very much the same if abandoned is just chilling! Great gallery!

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