7 That Wonderful Taste of Fanta

That Wonderful Taste of Fanta

Posted on June 5, 2013 by team

What drinks were popular in the USSR? Whcih flavours did people choose? Let us remember.


Drinks sold in the streets had been the same for dozens of years. There were two types of them – manual and automatic ones. The parity between them was achieved in the middle of the 70s and each type had its pros and cons.

A glass of soda had the same price whether it was taken from a machine or a seller, but a glass of soda with syrup bought from a seller was 1 kopeck more expensive. Even at a higher price one could buy a very tasty double syrup drink. And sellers could always give the odd money back.


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7 Responses to “That Wonderful Taste of Fanta”

  1. jock says:

    So I could go get a cup of soda that some Krokadil user has just drunk from?

    • Maxim Ч. says:

      Yes. The machines washed the glasses though.

      And as the Soviet people were gloriously healthy in preparation for a war against their “most probably opponent”…it was all good :-P

    • barry trotter says:

      Pretty much what I was thinking. Gross.

  2. Douglas says:

    The name Fanta came from the word…Fantasie.

  3. Czarina Mona says:

    Fanta looks like the official drink of the Wehrmacht.

  4. VAE says:

    Baikal is one of the best drinks I know. Much better than western drinks.

  5. jobo says:

    I like “Tarkhun” its really nice but there is only one place near me that sells it a European deli type place and they charge lot for it its like almost 3 dollars for a tiny bottle.

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