16 Sudden Air Exercises

Sudden Air Exercises

Posted on June 4, 2013 by team

Near the Russian city Vorkuta there was recently held a sudden test of the air force combat readiness. You are going to see some shots of the event.

The training conditions were pretty much close to combat ones. MiG-31 interceptors and a long-range radar detection aircraft A-50 flew up in the air being suddenly alarmed and ordered to relocate to the military airfield near Vorkuta to start their alert. The pilots didn’t know what enemy they would have to deal with and didn’t get a combat task in advance. They got it already being in the air.

Tu-95MS bomb-carrier aircraft served as an agressor. It was already close but didn’t come as a surprise for the pilots. Flying over the Arctic ocean it lauched a cruise missile soon but the group of the four MiG-31 were ready to intercept it. The intercepters wуку controlled from the long-range radar detection aircraft A-50. They exchanged information and operated as one team.

MiG-31 can detect and destroy small and fast targets flying low, such as air-launched cruise missiles. Five vehicles like this can protect a huge region from missiles, control such a territory as, for example, the Russian Far East or the Arctic Circle.

Tu-95MS with an open bomb door, the hunting has started!

The launched missile flew in the direction of the Kara Sea first, then took a long way round to fly over the tundra for almost an hour, trying to confuse the missile defense system. However the interceptors detected it anyway before it managed to reach the target.

It was rather cloudy and the visual target detection was more complicated than usual. So this operation was almost “blind”.

Such sudden tests are going to be made again soon.




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16 Responses to “Sudden Air Exercises”

  1. polstov says:

    nice vintage planes to protect mother russia from 80’s threats.

    • Mike Talino says:

      Russian vintage planes on American vintage planes, looks like a perfect harmony.
      BTW does US still have long-range supersonic (3 Mach) interceptors? Or only the good old half-century old B-52 are what remanis from the old glory

  2. Richard S. says:

    Who is the enemy? Well, it is not America, not NATO, not EU. It’s enemy is internal and is concentrated in the Caucasus region. Russia’s enemy is militant islam.

  3. wat? says:

    Why is EVERYTHING in Russia a piece of crap? Google ‘Interior of AWACS’ and compare this to this piece of crap ‘early warning’ aircraft and it’s late-70’s gauges.

    • Tillerman says:

      You must be American, because American people think that everything that is not ‘made in the USA’ is crap. Well, I have a surprise for you: it isn’t.
      I think Russian People are just a lot tougher.

  4. LEO says:

    Lets not forget that these same “piece of crap” antiquated Russian systems shot down the US F-117 stealth fighter in 1999 over Yugoslavia.
    This aircraft was billed as an invulnerable aircraft by the United States. Google this!

  5. Apu Gupta says:

    ‘BBC POCCuu’

    i’m sure someone from ‘BBC’ in the UK must be happy to see the name of their channel on those russian military aircraft.

  6. Billy says:

    Seriously? Your comparing the shoot down of an F117 in time when cell phones were not even in use? Here is some news, things have advanced. Never the less, the F117 pilot left his low freq. emitter on. He got lit-up. Now, name one bird with a better combat record than the F117. You can’t find one.

  7. A.Oscar says:

    Enigma Global by A.Oscar
    Let’s putted this way: Russia his the bigger country in the world; for that matter always room to defend Russia, but not just the quality of weapons also the kind of men to use it. USA always has had very good weapons: no good men for it, that’s why so many wars and where is the victories? On the second world war was Russia the one the most for victory against German’s, also the one that lost more people too. When comes to wars: the history of any country also give the impression the quality of men that fight’s. Strategy has to be the most important: and Russia has show in the past of having to accomplish any action. Russian’s happened to be a people with his own way of character type, very old country and was invaded many times, lots of experience to keep the enemy at the Bay. Was not enough time and space to mention more about it. 07/6/2013 by A.Oscar

  8. LEO says:

    All I was saying is that it is not a good idea to bash things/equipment that you do not know much about.
    Or as some say – “don’t judge a book by its cover”.
    One bird with a better combat record that comes to mind is the “invisible” US helicopter used in Bin Laden raid, that never left the compound?

  9. Jerry says:

    Don’t ever poke fun of Russian equipment. Their gear is made to work under severe conditions, and their planes have had ability to land themselves long before ours did. Their AK GI rifles are best in world.

    When did US ever do a sudden drill where we had to intercept and shoot down a cruise missile? Never. Those old analog gauges will work long after our electronic ones are fried by EMP bomb. Air Force 1 has analog gauges. Wonder why? The MiG 31 is state of art long-range interceptor. US version? None. The F14 21st Century Stealth Tomcat would’ve ruled the seas/skies, but instead we have the F/A-18 Stupid Hornet dog. It lacks range, punch, sustained turn, speed, load. But it’s easier to maintain. So what? Will our rescue helicopters offset that problem? The Su-3+ series can easily outfly the F-15. The MiG 35 only improves the MiG-29 record. Yes, some engines could stand upgrading on Russian long range transports. Like US upgrading to CF-6 series on C-2 Galaxy. US B-52’s would perform much better if those 8 TF33’s were switched out to CF series too. Better range, payload, quicker takeoff…

    NK & Iran wants to nuke us; both are growing militarily. With Red China (yeah, remember THAT name) coming to equal us on high seas w/subs (you tube the Red Chinese Sub ICBM launch off Los Angeles at 5PM PST) and Russian “tours” of Gulf of Mexico, President Obama, Dems, libs, are downsizing everything. We have few ICBM interceptors in AK and CA (easy targets for restless illegal alien or islamicized terrorists). Our USAF Nuke forces are limited (downsized again) and our F-16’s outnumbered. There are way too few F-22’s and those need upgrading. The US competitor Y-23 of the F-22 should be instantly built into the next F/B. The F-35? Uh-hun, I’m waiting, nice IR target from back. Our A-10’s? Retired. The B-2? Excellent but slow; too few. And we have lost the political will to improve and help ourselves thanks to social mandates–exactly what Russia has recently outlawed. Are women in all combat situations really good?

    Our best hope everybody else is scared of a trigger happy Reagan clone (Sarah Palin with good advisors) President waiting to be elected, our country that uses its own oil wealth to rebuild its economy, education system, and society. Hopefully until then we won’t get into a war; or that our Nukes will protect us/deter an attack. More things are important than healthcare, abortion, gay rights, and islamic freedom.

    Arming Japan to the hilt, South Korea, Canada, Australia, great ideas. Cuddle up to Israel and all their nat gas & oil (reserves equal or rival KSA). Switch long-haul trucks to LNG, create new manufacturing industries. Put solar on every house (keeps food fresh when grid fries and more US industry). Get royalties on domestic energy to help fund education, healthcare, charge more for US grown food sold to Red China. Make nuclear energy safe as France has done. Invite God back into society and homes–back when USA was an overall powerhouse. How many readers really remember the good times?

  10. Staritza says:

    USA missile technology depends upon their hopelessly innacurate missiles being able to get somewhere near an enemy missile and then blowing up, hoping that the shrapnel will hit the target missile in sufficient amounts to rupture it’s guidance system.


    No other country in the world has got such weapons as this, and especially not CRAP, USELESS, TOTALLY BANKRUPT ROTTEN-CORRUPT THIRD-WORLD “USA”!!!

    Show me the last time the so-called “USA” (soon to have a majority population of Latino’s and Negroes) built a decent aeroplane, or tank, or gun, or anything!!!

    Show me the last time the “USA” won a war!!! You American zionist Pigs, your “war record” is a humiliating disgrace like vomit splattered all over your lying big-mouthed Pigs-Hides.

  11. Staritza says:

    The USA cannot even put a satellite into space without buying rocket-engines from Russia, exactly as the Americans cannot get to-and-from the Russian-made International Space Station without hitch-hiking on Russian Space-Ships.

    For years the Americans have desperately been trying to build rockets to launch a satellite (the Russians have been for decades putting up satellites for all the world with absolute reliability; their massive unmanned, fully-automated robotic spaceships taking up nine huge satellites at a time, and with precision accuracy placing them into their required orbits: this was when the USA was floundering around with it’s colossally expensive White-Elephant, the literally USELESS “Space Shuttle”.

    It’s sole “worth” was the propaganda “star-wars” design; it was utterly useless for anything other than propaganda purposes, and the “shuttles” had a monotonous track-record of failed attempts to launch satellites from them, and they not only were capable of taking up one satellite at a time, but also, US space “technology” was so abysmally primitive, that the satellite not only had to be physically man-handled out of the “Shittle” by the crew, but on top of that Russian GPS technology (the Russians invented GPS in the early 1960’s with GLONASS) and Remote-Control technology was, and is, far superior to anything that the rotting zionist/USA Empire has got, and has ever had.

    By the way, have you ever noticed how hideously illiterate the zionist/USA/Pigs who scribble their garbage all over the place here are???

    Hideous testimony to the zionist/Rothschild capitalist-corporate so-called “education system” where American children are “taught” that the USA “defeated the Germans” in Word War One and “Defeated the Nazi’s” as well!!!

    They are also “taught” that Henry Ford “invented the motor car” and that Thomas Edison “invented the light-bulb” and was the “greatest inventor in all history”.

    The USA is a TOTAL LIE, BUILT ON LIES, AND CONTINUES TO LIE AND LIE AND LIE AS IT LITERALLY COLLAPSES FROM ITS OWN MASSIVELY SPREADING INTERNAL ROTTENNESS while at the same time it’s vicious gang of zionist-Pig Owners frenziedly continue with their insatiable thieving, swindling, money-grabbing.

  12. Staritza says:

    The Russians were literally decades ahead of American aeronautical technology until a (non-Russian) traitor from a USSR Republic stole the most awesomely powerful warplane in history, the MIG25 “Foxbat” that could go twice as fast as the fastest American warplane, and the Russian plane also was armed with the most massive array of heavy weaponry ever seen.

    The traitor landed the MIG25 at Tokyo airport in 1973. The plane was immediately dismantled and sent to the USA.

    Two years later the USA (who have ALWAYS stolen everyone els’s technology) suddenly produced a brand-new fighter-plane in the form of the F16: AN EXACT COPY OF THE MIG25!!! which their propaganda machine endlessly bragged about as being “A Devastating Example Of USA Technology, Genius, And World-Beating Sophistication”!!!

    Hah!!! BIG MOUTHS!!!

  13. jb says:

    lol internet arguments.

  14. guyfromkorso says:

    Staritza, ever heard of SR-71 Blackbird? Do you have a clue how fast that thing is? Though I’m propably answering to a troll comment.

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