5 Take Your Time At the Police Station

Take Your Time At the Police Station

Posted on June 3, 2013 by team

Normally when people find themselves at such a place they try to leave immediately but we won’t do this. We will take our time while we are here. Yes, we gonna get as much freedom as possible at the place where people are deprived of it.

“Attention! Do not hand out keys without log entry”.


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5 Responses to “Take Your Time At the Police Station”

  1. Jim Beam says:

    I guess the only serious modernization of this place during the last 30 years was the replacement of the soviet flag with the russian flag…

  2. unbekannter says:

    TFTs in the roam and a 20 Year old monitor made by the east german robotron on the table


  3. Singe says:

    This is like every Half-Life 2 texture and prop here.

  4. 1934NFA says:

    Nicely furnished…..lol.

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