2 Tent Camps At the Kremlin Walls

Tent Camps At the Kremlin Walls

Posted on June 2, 2013 by team

Moscow 1990. Impoverished and deceived people pitched tents right at the Kremlin walls and lived there for almost six months. It’s hard to believe it now but not so many years have passed since then.

Those people had different problems, some were civil, others – political, but they all were united by their decision to seek truth at the very top, near the Kremlin.

The tent camp was cleared away by police in December 29th, 1990.

“We demand transparent investigation!”


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2 Responses to “Tent Camps At the Kremlin Walls”

  1. miam says:

    ..and the truth was that the Jewish oligarchs where, and was about to, rob them blind. Everything where up to grabs.Now these vermin are either behind bars or continuing their dirty business from israel and the UK.

    The Russians are better off, there are jobs and the Russian dignity is restored but now the new-rich urban western-Soros-infected brats are doing the demonstrations, for a fistful of dollars from McFaul in a futile attempt against the majority of ordinary of honest and hard working Russians, to eradicate thousand years of Russian history, culture and tradition, with a mere 200 year old decadent and violent American one…

  2. arazahra says:

    hope these people are fine. when china tries to do the same and occupied the Tienanmen square in 1989 the gov just ordered them to be killed, thousands of people died.

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