12 Remembering Moscow of the 90s

Remembering Moscow of the 90s

Posted on June 1, 2013 by team

What was Moscow of the 90s like? Long lines, sports suits, denim jackets. Alcohol and cigarettes advertising. Constant strange meetings and actions. Kiosks, kiosks, kiosks. First supermarkets and fast-food restaurants. And Slavic faces prevailing in the streets.

“McDonald’s restaurant is to open in June 1, 1993″.

“September 10 is the international no psychotronic weapons day”.


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12 Responses to “Remembering Moscow of the 90s”

  1. KKaiser says:

    I would like to know who are the two women on the first pics and what they do today. Maybe it would be a nice project to find out!?

  2. George Johnson says:

    I can’t believe (well, I can really) that phllip morris came out with a cigarette brand called “west”, and you guys fell for it.

  3. Bijdehans says:

    Great photos! I visited Moscow in 1993 and this is how I remember it: the old Moscow but with a new spirit of hope for a better future…

  4. Mike says:

    I lived in Leningrad in 1979. I would love to see such a collection of photos of Leningrad changing at the same time

  5. Osip says:

    Putin can rattle his sabre until he becomes silly. Russia is owned by the West now.

  6. Richard S. says:

    Lenin must be rolling over in his mausoleum.

    • misha says:

      Lenin would only have been shocked that socialism in the USSR lasted as long as it did without a single other proletarian revolution occurring on the planet. He would have shocked to see Marx’s scientific theory of communism proven wrong, but not surprised to see the sad morass of mixed economic elitism and backwardness that the Soviet Union’s fortress communism devolved into. He always knew that socialism in one country was doomed, and saw that Stalin’s autocratic ambitions would destroy all possibility of internationalist revolution.

  7. Mike Talino says:

    This Moscow looks like a rotting giant infested with all kinds of parasites.
    So sorry for the people who had to make it through that hell, and for those who couldn’t.

  8. CrsLand says:

    Totally sad, its a pitty to see all this shit, littering the buildings with ads, people doing very long tails to eat just shit (McDls). The times where people were free is dead. Now they are slaves again.

  9. Pop2001 says:

    It’s a great set of pictures!
    i was a teenager at that time, so manyimages vanished from my mind. but i could remember all this stuff with your help. thanks.
    just few comments:
    1) unfortunately, the meaning of some pictures is difficult to understand if you did not know Russian and/or did not live in Moscow at that time.
    2)at least two pictures are from 2000’s (the latter two with the inscription “We’re building communism”.

  10. JvB says:

    I miss the Hungry Duck…

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