1 Light In the Darkness

Light In the Darkness

Approximately in the 1970s they started development of this pit for subsequent ore extraction
for the Soviet metallurgy. Today the place is abandoned as thousands of others...
0 When It Is a Woman Who Commands

When It Is a Woman Who Commands

This video was shot in Belogorsk, the Amursk region (signal regiment). The platoon
commander is a woman - fiancee of the man who is titled as a Hero of Russia.
0 New Mail Has Arrived

New Mail Has Arrived

May 16th, 2013. Unloading mails in a
Russian city of Samara. Nothing unusual.

11 Futuristic McDonalds In Georgia

Futuristic McDonalds In Georgia

New McDonald's which has recently opened in a Georgian city Batumi looks absolutely special. The building design was created by an architect Giorgi Khmaladze. Under the curved glass panels are a
fast food restaurant itself, filling station and a garden. Over the golden arches of the structure is a big glass dome filling all the space of the building with natural light.

0 Bad Fate For the Plane

Bad Fate For the Plane

This Il-18 appeared at the park of Tolstoy in Moscow last year. And it was strange for everyone to see it there. Still there was some hope the plane will be made
use of. And they kept saying that maybe Mi-26 helicopter will take it from there. But we've recently known that everything is over for the Il-18...
4 Domino Effect of Belorussian Soldiers

Domino Effect of Belorussian Soldiers

At the military parade that took place recently in
Belarus this part of show was probably the best!

31 Awesome Abandoned Castle In Ukraine

Awesome Abandoned Castle In Ukraine

Unfortunately many wonderful abandoned places do not have any respect or attention. But maybe it makes them even more enchanting. Podgoretsky castle is often called the "Ukrainian Versailles". It is unique because of its architecture - Renaissance style and heavy bastilles. The complex of the castle consists of a three-storey castle
itself, Italian park, inn and entrance gates. It used to be one of the best palace complexes in Europe. Probably the history of the castle dates back to the twelfth century when not far from Podgortsy village was an ancient settlement with a fortification nearby. Some pictures of the place are inside the post.
8 Ukrainian Dare Devil Simply Doesn’t Afraid the Heights

Ukrainian Dare Devil Simply Doesn’t Afraid the Heights

Daredevil Pavel, 26, from Kiev, Ukraine, hides behind his nickname Mustang Wanted. Just recently he has become the star in the Internet. And he is awesome
indeed! Just look how he can balance on one leg at height of 100 m, hang over the precipice holding the ledge with only three fingers and much more.
3 Saving Foxes From the Deep Well

Saving Foxes From the Deep Well

Three fox cubs got into trouble - they could not come out from the big well
five meters deep. Luckily for them they were heard by people passing by.

3 How to Grow Pikes

How to Grow Pikes

The ice and snow have already melted and for someone it means the time of pike.
Right now you'll see some photos from the place where this fish is grown.

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