1 Find 10 Differences

Find 10 Differences

The picture you see to the right was taken in a Russian city Nizhnevartovsk. But what is this supposed to mean?
Was the city being attacked by aliens? Nope! It's the stela symbolizing a drill rig! Doesn't it look creepy?

1 At the Construction Site of the Hydro Power Plant

At the Construction Site of the Hydro Power Plant

This is another hydro power plant of North Ossetia - Zaramagskaya HPP. It is definitely worth visiting. The whole structure is very complicated and divided into two interconnected plants - the main one and the one being built, HPP-1. When finished it will become the largest hydro power plant of the North Caucasus and
will have the highest water pressure compared to other hydro power plants of Russia - 630 meters. Zaramagskaya HPP has already been built for thirty years. The head HPP with power of fifteen MW was put into service in 2009. It is located on the Ardon river near the gorge up to 1000 meters deep.

6 What Is Wrong With This Truck?

What Is Wrong With This Truck?

Can you say what is special
about this fire truck?
0 History of Moskva Hotel In Pictures

History of Moskva Hotel In Pictures

This post is about the hotel "Moskva", one of the biggest and most splendid Soviet hotels. It occupies
the whole residential quarter. "Moskva" became one of the first hotels built in Soviet Moscow.
1 It Is Easier Than Shoveling!

It Is Easier Than Shoveling!

There have been a blizzard in the city of Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky
and they need to remove all this snow somehow... Maybe this way?

2 Bad Fun In Hospital

Bad Fun In Hospital

Work in a hospital is never easy. To withstand difficult days at work, nurses have to treat it differently, to pose around people so bad ill that can't move and then post it online. This is
how these medical workers from the Perm region of Russia explained these photos which had appeared in social networks. Actually police now hunts the nurses for those photos.
2 Life In Catacombs: How Was It Like?

Life In Catacombs: How Was It Like?

Odessa catacombs formed at the place of a quarry. The city was growing very fast and they needed a lot of
shell rock (it's the main construction material in Odessa). The length of the catacombs is 3000 km!
7 Look, Our Cat Can Swim!

Look, Our Cat Can Swim!

This family shows how their cat can swim with such enthusiasm! But their cat does not
seem to like this at all. We wish the poor kitty to find another loving family...
7 Ramzan Kadyrov Twins

Ramzan Kadyrov Twins

Head of the Chechen Republic, Ramzan Kadyrov, has found an unusual way to be everywhere and
always in time. Now he has an exact copy of himself who can replace him if necessary.
2 Hopeless Magnetite Mine

Hopeless Magnetite Mine

This mine does not look hopeful: all these rusty staits, water dripping from
everywhere, falling stones, a lot of mud... The place has been abandoned long ago.

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