5 The Lost World On the Swamps

The Lost World On the Swamps

Somewhere on the swamps of the Novgorod region of Russia, on both sides of one river, stands a fortress - monastery built in the seventeenth century with
towers, belfry, temples and chapels. It's all overgrown with young trees and no roads lead there. But it still stands and does not give up.

0 Porcelain Russia

Porcelain Russia

These are amazing porcelain works of a Moscow artist Andrey Cherkasov who devoted twenty years of
his life to this material. Andrey applies his own unique grotesque-realistic technique.

3 Iron Birds In the Sky

Iron Birds In the Sky

The center of aircrafts display "Kubinka" in the Moscow region has just turned 75. To
celebrate such a date the best aerobatic teams of Russia came to participate in the show.
1 The Very Heart of the Rocket

The Very Heart of the Rocket

Many Soviet children used to dream about becoming cosmonauts. Or to be somehow related to cosmonautics. But today it's seldom like this. Nevertheless different new projects are still being worked on and people are simply unaware of them. Here is one of such
projects. RD-861K rocket engine has been developed based on RD-861 which was used for early modifications of the carrier rocket "Cyclone". Fire tests have been conducted since 2007. The engine is planned to be used for the third stage of "Cyclone-4".
1 Tactical Exercises of Russian Police

Tactical Exercises of Russian Police

Right now you are going to see how tactical manoeuvres of Russian police take place. They include
direct deployment, combat assault of the building where criminals are allegedly hinding.
2 Almost Nuclear Tornado

Almost Nuclear Tornado

Russia sometimes has tornadoes, too! Those pipes on the horizon are nuclear
power plant built back in 1954. So this tornado is kind of a nuclear one...
0 Nice Wedding

Nice Wedding

Just another wedding
video from Russia.

3 Well Preserved Abandoned Factory of Kiev

Well Preserved Abandoned Factory of Kiev

"ATEK" is one of the most famous abandoned places in Kiev, Ukraine. It impresses with its huge area and integrity. Similar
Moscow places which are not guarded are never preserved like this. Right now we will visit the metalworking shop.

7 The Only Tu 4 Plane Russia Has Today

The Only Tu 4 Plane Russia Has Today

We are at the Monino airfield again. And this post is devoted to Tu-4, Russian copy of V-29. This Tu-4 (serial number 2805103) was built in 1952 at the Kuibyshev Aviation Plant, it's the only Tu-4 preserved in Russia. It is
said to have participated in the attack of Budapest in 1956. The order to drop bombs was scrubbed out when the plane was already approaching the city. See many pictures of the vehicle inside the post.

1 The Place of Snow Dinosaurs

The Place of Snow Dinosaurs

Hibiny is the place on the Kola peninsula. It most survives thanks to minerals extraction. But what will happen when they run out of minerals? What will happen with dozens of
companies and thousands of people who work for them? They will probably leave. In fact this place could become a wonderful ski resort.  But hardly it will do.

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