1 You Have Never Seen Such a Bear

You Have Never Seen Such a Bear

This must be the
cutest Russian bear

2 Life of the Guards Airborne Division

Life of the Guards Airborne Division

The 106th guards airborne division is deployed in Tula, Ryazan and Naro-Fominsk. It was formed back in April, 1944 and participated not only in WWII
but and in many more military conflicts of Transcaucasia, Central Asia, Chechnya. Right now you can see how the division spends its days.
0 Lesson For the Son

Lesson For the Son

Probably they were going
to the shooting range...

9 The Border Is Under Protection!

The Border Is Under Protection!

Yesterday on 28th of May all Russia was celebrating the day of border guards. Every year Moscow border guards come
to Gorky park to drink and bathe in fountains. Like it or not, but this year didn't become an exception.

11 Huge Eagle Nest In the Woods

Huge Eagle Nest In the Woods

This amazing place was found by one geologist from Irkutsk in summer 1949. It was a huge convex truncated cone with an upper horizontal section. Inside it had a funnel-shaped recess with a dome-shaped hill right in the middle. The cone was rather big. Its height was about 10-15 meters from the upper side and 70-80 meters from the bottom
side. The average diameter of the cone was about 130-150 meters. The depth of the inner circular ditch was about 8-10 meters. It was clear the geologist found a unique natural formation which didn't resemble any others. It was called the Patomsky crater after the river in the watershed of which it was located.
6 Driving Into the Traffic Jam At High Speed

Driving Into the Traffic Jam At High Speed

How to get through a Moscow traffic jam?
See this video for the answer!  

6 It Is Playtime!

It Is Playtime!

Some enthusiasts from a Russian city Surgut
created such a playground for their kids...
1 Just In Time

Just In Time

Just the other day in a Russian city of Kirov a heavy crane fell on the nine-storey dwelling house and destroyed balconies from the first to the ninth floor and
the cars parked at the house. According to the residents of the house the crane seemed to fall because of the strong wind. Luckily nobody suffered.
14 Building the Muslim Mosque

Building the Muslim Mosque

We are going to visit one construction site in Karachay-Cherkessia (the republic belonging to Russia). The mosque being built
will become one of the five most spacious mosques of the Northern Caucasus and will be among the most beautiful ones.

4 Just Another Soviet Wedding

Just Another Soviet Wedding

Some photos of a Moscow
wedding of the 1960s.

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