5 The Old Copper Smelting Plants

The Old Copper Smelting Plants

"Karabashmed" is one of the oldest copper smelting plants of the South Ural located in the city of Karabash. The main activity of the plant is making
blister copper from copper concentrate with a preliminary enrichment of copper-zinc ores and also from recycled copper raw material.
4 The Record Breaking Mi 26

The Record Breaking Mi 26

Welcome aboard the biggest serially produced helicopter in the world! You will be surprised but if you place it near an airliner Boeing 737, it will be even longer! The diameter of its screw is as much as 4 meters longer than the wingspan of a Boeing 737 of the classic series. This flying monster can be compared with an ant. Because it is one of the few vehicles able to lift and transport a cargo of the weight comparable with its own. The distance at which such a cargo can
be transported is up to 800 km! This helicopter was designed in the middle of the 70s and it's still produced in many modificaions - as a military and transport one, as a passenger, passenger-transport one, as a flying crane, as a medical one etc. Three hundred of Mi-26 units produced for these years have been used for military and civil services in various countries - Russia, Ukraine, Venezuela, India, China and even in Laos and Peru.

2 Flying Over the Winter City At Twilight

Flying Over the Winter City At Twilight

Right now you can see the night city of Novosibirsk from height. Probably it looks the best at
twilight. It changes so much and absolutely does not look the way it does in daytime.

4 The Kind Angel of Peace

The Kind Angel of Peace

Such a sculpture has been installed in the park of Donetsk, Ukraine. What do you
think  these spikes are for? Right, to protect the monument from pigeons.
0 Do Not Stand On My Way!

Do Not Stand On My Way!

"You are not in the
park! So get out of my

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