2 Dont Drink

Dont Drink

Drinking is not that fun as it seemed from the beginning as a shovel turned out to be such a thing that can be used in many
various, sometimes dangerous ways. Russian villagers entertainment went wrong. Just watch this video till the very end.

1 The Most Powerful Thermal Power Plant In Russia

The Most Powerful Thermal Power Plant In Russia

Surgut state thermal power plant is one of the most powerful power plants in Russia. The CPP of high power functions within
the system along with other large power stations and is located in Surgut, the Khanty-Mansiisk region of Russia.

2 The City That Does Not Promise Longevity

The City That Does Not Promise Longevity

Bragin is an urban settlement in Belarus located not so far from the city of Gomel in the direction of the Chernobyl NPP. It's a nightmare of
graduates who were provided state-subsidized education and the place where such "stars" perform who don't sound familiar to others.

11 WWII As It Really Was

WWII As It Really Was

Military photojournalists often were with their cameras at places where they almost had no chances to survive. Thanks to their enormous work we have an oppurtunity to touch the history today and to see the war with our own eyes. Mikhail Savin was one of such photojournalists. His shots are real classics today. Mikhail was born in far 1915, started to take photos in 1941. He managed to catch interesting moments of Soviet
troops retreat, the defense of Moscow, the Kursk battle, attack of Soviet troops in Europe etc. He had a talisman and believed it always helped him to survive on the most difficult and hopeless days. It was a porcelain ring for curtains hanging. All his work is one of the best samples of how a real professional treats what he does. It gave us a chance to see the war the way it really was.

11 The King of Transport: An 124

The King of Transport: An 124

"Ruslan" or "Condor" is the plane with the world largest carrying capacity (excluding "An-225 Mriya" which is the only one). It can carry 880 soldiers, some tanks, a garage of cars, a train with a locomotive and even other
planes. To fully load it there must be 150 tons of cargo. It broke the record when carried 171 tons in the Soviet time in response to the American C5-Galaxy. Let's have a closer view of the plane right now.
0 Road Rage of the Addict

Road Rage of the Addict

It sooner resembles some Hollywood movie but in fact it's happened recently in the very centre of Moscow. One addict stole a police car and started his crazy road rage.
Everything he was doing was shot with a cam inside of the car... He crashed three cars more and tried to escape but was hit by another car and hospitalized.

2 Mining Anthracite of the Highest Quality

Mining Anthracite of the Highest Quality

The Kolyvansky coal mine is situated in the Novosibirsk region. In 2011 its proven reserves amounted to 97 million tons of useful material. The
mine will be used for forty eight years more. The mine belongs to the only coal mining company in the region - "Siberian Anthracite".
0 What Is The Girl Watching on TV?

What Is The Girl Watching on TV?

Imagine once you hear you kid watching something strange on TV. But how can it be there, on the first Russian channel in
daytime? You come to check and see something like this... This is how they make dubbing of cartoons in Russia!
11 The Loo With a Surprise

The Loo With a Surprise

One man living in Karelia has a summer house and such a loo. He got the house with a hole in the ground, and it only remained to build a wooden booth around the hole to make the loo. Recently someone forgot
to close the door of the booth and it was simply blown off with the wind. Maybe this fact attracted attention and it turned out that visitors noticed something very surprising in that hole...
5 This World Is Not Hopeless

This World Is Not Hopeless

We can often see how rude and insolent drivers can be. But it's not about
everyone. Some drivers are suprisingly kind and ready to help others.

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