7 The Biggest Mosque of Central Asia

The Biggest Mosque of Central Asia

Posted on May 30, 2013 by team

“Hazrat Sultan” is the mosque in Astana, Kazakhstan, the biggest mosque in Central Asia. One can enter the mosque barefoot and shoot interiors as much as he or she wants but with no flash.

The mosque is built in classic Islamic style with traditional Kazakh ornaments.


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7 Responses to “The Biggest Mosque of Central Asia”

  1. Randolf J says:

    wow! I’m awestruck! it invokes calmness and meditative mind….

  2. Apu Gupta says:

    what’s so about it?

  3. thatdeadguy says:

    Are the women’s foot washing rooms as nice as the men’s? Oh that’s right they are not allowed to worship in the mosque. Enough of this religion of hate and murder.

  4. Mike Talino says:

    But that could be a library or a science center or something else — maybe, just a bit more useful.

  5. mameslamet says:

    Woww…very beautiful place

  6. Douglas says:

    Well sorry to say but this is not really a religion but rather a form of government. The religious part is just a thin veneer for public relations.

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