9 The Border Is Under Protection!

The Border Is Under Protection!

Posted on May 28, 2013 by team

Yesterday on 28th of May all Russia was celebrating the day of border guards. Every year Moscow border guards come to Gorky park to drink and bathe in fountains. Like it or not, but this year didn’t become an exception.


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9 Responses to “The Border Is Under Protection!”

  1. YJ says:

    Glad to see Russia’s border is in good hands for NATO.

  2. oldeafcoot says:

    Now, if they only had some citizens to beat, the day would be perfect!

  3. Ivan says:


    EXCELENT!! that’s the way to celebrate!!!

  4. petrohof says:

    get drunk, make fool of self, good times!!

  5. rosbif says:

    oh so this is the proletariat (dabs mouth delicately with silk handkerchief)

  6. o0o0 says:

    We call these GAY Pride Parades in the USA. And this looks really faggoty.

  7. Denis says:


  8. paul says:

    not very professional. Embarrassing.

  9. Douglas says:

    ….just another day in the life….

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