6 It Is Playtime!

It Is Playtime!

Posted on May 27, 2013 by team

Some enthusiasts from a Russian city Surgut created such a playground for their kids…


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6 Responses to “It Is Playtime!”

  1. Ionut P says:

    this is not a playground. to much dangerous rocks for the kids around! what happens with the mascots when it rains?

  2. skopeil says:

    all the fury toys will be wet if the rain comes…

  3. aqq says:

    Better than nothing

  4. Fred says:

    OMG you have ALF in russia! (3rd photo)

  5. ihavetrotskys says:

    that would creep me out if i was just walking down the road minding my business and found that.

  6. Art Critic says:

    If this is a playground, where are the children?

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