1 Tactical Exercises of Russian Police

Tactical Exercises of Russian Police

Posted on May 26, 2013 by team

Right now you are going to see how tactical manoeuvres of Russian police take place. They include direct deployment, combat assault of the building where criminals are allegedly hinding.

It’s necessary to have proper protective apparels on.

The newly painted old helicopter Mi-8 RF-28979.

Ammunition is to be loaded.

Equipment necessary for the manoeuvres.


Landing from the height of ten meters.

The helicopter is gaining height.

Fifty meters high over the ground.

Air protection.

Speed landing with a rope.

One goes after another, very fast.

Mi-8 is flying away for fueling. Three soldiers were under its bottom making a 2 km circle at the height of 300-500 m.

Another part of the manoeuvres: the mop-up operation.Soldiers are getting their ammunition.

Instructions and work with grenades.

They are using practice grenades so far.

Shields are necessary for protection.

Tactics instructor.

From now they will use real ammunition.

Multi-charge grenade “Fakel”:

• Effective range – 20 m.

• Light intensity of each element, cd – 10 millions

• Sound pressure at a distance of 10 m – not less than 145 dB

Wires are TNT are included too.

Three – five soldiers participate in the mopping-up. They throw the first grenade and enter.

More grenades are exploding.

Dummies serve as criminals and hostages. Operations in buildings are rather complicated. Criminals inside a building are not soldiers but Russian citizens as many others. They are treated as criminals only if they hold weapons. And if one throws his gun out of the window he can immediately pretend to be a civilian was taken hostage.

Done away with the criminal!

The soldiers are listening to more instructions. It’s very important to disperse and block all threatening directions.

The building has a complex configuration, narrow corridors.

The first corridor is clean.

The second one is clean, too.

via military-photos

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