8 Grand Ears of the Planet

Grand Ears of the Planet

Posted on May 22, 2013 by team

Do we really know what is there, out in space? Not really much, we can only look at stars or … hear them. Smart radiophysicist gave us such an opportunity when had built their huge metal plates in dense pine forests far from big busy cities. The grand ears of the planet were intended to contact the far and alien space.

They used to sit at a fire and sing their romantic songs when rested from numerous devices, apparatuses, indicators…

We don’t know what stars told them. But today all those devices are broken, the grand ears of the planet only hear rustling leaves of young birches….

Here it is, the radiotelescope.

It’s hidden in the middle of a young forest.

It still seems to stand firm.

But inside are only the smell of old oil and decay.

It’s hard to imagine they dealt with digital equipment computers here…

What is inside this azimuth guidance cabin?

Remains of the electric and manual drives.

Do you mind to climb it?

Is this hole for a receiver-transmitter unit?

An elevation drive.

In the cabin of guidance.

Let’s enter this shabby house.

Control panel is still here.

And even the antenna position indicator is here, too.

Such a tower with a cabin is nearby.

Once on top of this tower was the source of a various test signals for the telescope calibration.

Let’s climb it.

The manual drive…

… and the electric one.

Cosy place for a radiophysicist.

On top is a mechanized mast with a reflector.

The telescope we saw in the very beginning looks so small from here.

It’s listening to songs of birds….

When we look in the opposite direction we can see more antennas.

A piece of radar-absorbing coating.

Should we turn the light off before we leave?

Or will these transistors do the job?

Closer view of the grand ears of the planet.

The vehicle is being swallowed by the earth.

Do any scientists still live here?

Stonehenge of present days?

Only this cabin is rotting here.

The cabin inside.

Remains of the high-frequency generator…

Cable way is hidden in the woods.

Another grand ear of the planet.


Time and nature were less merciful to it.

What’s there, inside?

7555 hours..

In the next room are remains of an automatic control system.


Tape perforator.

Power supply unit.

All equipment is decaying.

Hard and soft.

Simple shelves still hang on the wall.

Remains of the loop oscillograph. Only imagine – it used to record mysterious voices of stars…

Standard magnetic disk.

Did this device “scan” the sky with a telescope and automatically move it within the prescribed limits?

We say goodbye to the control panel and the whole object, it’s time to leave.

But before we leave we should fix the telescope in the default position as was prescribed by those smart radiophysicists.

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8 Responses to “Grand Ears of the Planet”

  1. Kilroy Was Here says:

    Very interesting post. Thanks…

  2. j pigden says:

    The DIGITAL equipment referred to is a brand name. The company is in Cupertino, CA, USA! Why is the usergroup newsletter in a Soviet radar site?

    • zax says:

      Soviet Union and some other communist countries produced clones of IBM mainframes (360, 370) and DEC minicomputers (PDP and VAX). After the fall of communism, Russia invited Americans to see some of these machines. Since they were compatible with “originals”, Russians even purchased some software and support from the US. So I guess this DEC newsletter is from post-Soviet era.

  3. bobs says:

    A very interesting place, I would like to visit.

  4. Jonno says:

    That’s really weird, I was a member of DECUS back in the days of VAXes, Dec System 20’s and PDP-11’s. That also looks like a disk pack from a PDP :)

  5. Rascallyraven says:

    Thank you to the crew for documenting this site …… although it is obviously not long for the planet….. Mother Russia’s weather will still reign supreme …… it is nice to know however that man’s reach exceeded his grasp and that wonder trumped any ideology ……..

  6. Peter says:

    DECUS was the user group for DEC computers (based around MAynard, MA, not cupertino, CA). A lot fo Software was generally available via DECUS. It is well known that the Russians copied many of the earlier models of the PDP11 Series, which were the “workhorses” of the minicomputer era – earlier models were built entirely out of generally available Chips. Later, when custom LSI Chips were the core of the PDP11’s one of them even had etched into the substrate in cyrillic “stolen from the best engineers in the world” – put there by the US, knowing that the russians would eventually steal and reverse engineer it, and be amused by the fact that they had been caught… ) The Russian copies were made by Electronika better known for watches, and the like.

  7. Rascally Raven says:

    Fascinating …… where have the minds that conceived and built this gone ….. on to greater bigger projects I hope

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