2 Life In Catacombs: How Was It Like?

Life In Catacombs: How Was It Like?

Posted on May 21, 2013 by team

Odessa catacombs formed at the place of a quarry. The city was growing very fast and they needed a lot of shell rock (it’s the main construction material in Odessa). The length of the catacombs is 3000 km!

“Undying glory to the heroes fallen in the battles for freedom and independance of our motherland”.

“In 1941-42 here, in the catacombs of Nerubaiskoye village, was an undergroud camp was a partisan unit under the command of a chekist, hero of the Soviet Union, Molodtsov-Badaev who successfully acted in the enemy’s rear”.

This hole resembles a fist which is rather symbolic in view of the role of these catacombs and its defenders in the times of WWII.

Life of the defenders was arranged rather well in the catacombs. This is, for instance, the grindstone for making flour.

The breadmaker was made from a barrel working on kerosene. Flour is in the box.

“Blood for blood, death for death” – the main motto of partisans.

They rested on such a couch. Six persons could lie on it. Dry grass made it softer.


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  1. RB says:

    amazing that they had time to do all this work.

  2. Dan says:

    Those partisans were true Russian patriots.

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