2 At the Moscow Helicopter Factory

At the Moscow Helicopter Factory

Posted on May 20, 2013 by team

You can get any cabin you wish. For twenty two million dollars.

Very expensive? Maybe. But it is worth it.

Imagine this silver beauty landing on the roof of your three-storey penthouse.

You get in, place yourself comfortably in the cabin and order your pilot to fly to Milan.

The helicopter is taking off smoothly.

You are sipping your martini with ice and look below, the helicopter is flying a bit faster than 300 km/h and the busy megapolis is getting more and more remote.

Rescue version of Ka-226T.

It has a coaxial configuration, a wide rare door for loading of the injured on stretchers and does not have a rare screw cause it’s not needed.


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2 Responses to “At the Moscow Helicopter Factory”

  1. George Johnson says:

    First photo of the guys working, I want a little roll around chair like that!! I’ve got a bad back and that’s the only position I can sit in. I like that chair! Little wheels and everything.

  2. Jarno says:

    Mi-12 is Huge! Main wheel is about 2 meter radius. I have been in Monino and stood next to Mi-12.

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