2 At the Moscow Helicopter Factory

At the Moscow Helicopter Factory

Posted on May 20, 2013 by team

This is the Moscow Helicopter Building Factory named after M. Mil’ which is a part of the holiding “Helicopters of Russia”. In fact not everything is allowed to be shown here and the place is rather big to see most of it at once. So we will only see the HeliVert shop where an Italian helicopter Agusta Westland 139 is assembled, one of the main exhibits of the event that took place recently – Heli Russia 2013.

But the main helicopters produced here are Mi helicopters, of course. There is even a museum on the territory of the factory where the whole collection of “Mi” series is demonstrated. On the photo above is a unique V-12 (Mi-12) helicopter. It pretty much resembles a passenger aircraft. But it was not intended for peaceful purposes. It was made to transport parts of ballistic missiles. This very vehicle lifted 44 205 kg during flight tests in 1969. And this record has not been broken yet. There are two units like this in the whole world. One is here, another one is in Monino, the Moscow region. It was never serially produced because military forces received lighter missiles and mobile systems for their transportation and other helicopters were enough for peaceful purposes.

HeliVert shop is rather clean and neat. But bloggers and journalists would not be allowed to the dirty one, right?


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  1. George Johnson says:

    First photo of the guys working, I want a little roll around chair like that!! I’ve got a bad back and that’s the only position I can sit in. I like that chair! Little wheels and everything.

  2. Jarno says:

    Mi-12 is Huge! Main wheel is about 2 meter radius. I have been in Monino and stood next to Mi-12.

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