15 Best Corvette of the Russian Naval Forces

Best Corvette of the Russian Naval Forces

Posted on May 19, 2013 by team

The newest invisible corvette “Boikiy” of project 20380 has been given to the Baltic Fleet. The navy flag of Russia was solemnly hoisted on the ship which is standing in St. Petersburg now.

Project 20380 includes three ships in general: the main corvette, “Guarding”, was given to the Baltic Fleet in February 2008, another one was called “Smart” and joined the fleet in October 2011.

All corvettes of the project are armed with 100 mm universal artillery systems, anti-aircraft missile and artillery systems, supersonic missiles and automatic gun mounts. The air group of the ship also includes one helicopter Ka-27PL.

According to its tactical, technical and combat characteristics the corvettes of project 20380 are considerably superior than other ships of the same class. Main their features are functionality, good stealth, compactness, high level of automation and systems integration.

The corvettes of project 20380 promise to become the main power of the Russian naval forces in the coastal zone.

Compared to the previous corvettes of the same class these ships have almost four times smaller flow resistance and a helicopter hangar firstly placed on a small ship. Another innovation is a single information system owhich controls all armament and electric equipment of the vehicle. And it is not called an escort vessel anymore, but a corvette.


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15 Responses to “Best Corvette of the Russian Naval Forces”

  1. Osip says:

    Looks like somebody didn’t order enough paint.

  2. Czarina Mona says:

    You do realize that there are at least 3 possibly 4 different ships there of 3 different types of ship, one of which isn’t a corvette.

  3. Dual Citizen says:

    The world’s last hope for holding back the American Empire.

  4. sam sentina says:

    how is this corvette powered? Oil, nuke, gas turbine? How fast can it go?

  5. Stealthy says:

    No expert here, but those slab sides and the pylon on the top don’t really scream “I’m hiding”.

    It’s pretty, but too big to hide, too slow to run, and not carrying enough firepower to stop a modest attack.

    Good for Coast Guard type duties, I would think, but a little overkill for that.

    What does the gallery think? Guys and Gals?

  6. Steve says:

    Very nice. It has teeth, too, which the American LCS doesn’t have.

  7. RB says:

    I wouldn’t throw her out of the navy just for eating crackers in bed. LOL

  8. comical tester says:

    second last photo…gunner dalek ?

  9. oldeafcoot says:

    That ship would be okay for the Baltic, Black Sea or even the Med, but don’t take it into the Atlantic. it will roll badly.

  10. A.Oscar says:

    Enigma Global By A.Oscar .The new incisively Corvette : could be easy and fast to make for Russia Navy, this way could be make in production type , because also more economic. I would like to saying now: never thrust them Americans because having training and arms supply of many criminal or terrorists organizations, I don’t like knowing about the suffering Syrian citizens going through, all because Americans have been the major instigator in the world now. This type of Corvettes in size also could be easy to sale to some countries to patrol own coast. Russian always has been a fantastic fighter in the world: and was they did make the Second World War be finish in short time. Americans got advantage to create many problems in the world, up to today, special into Arabe countries. Russia must show never be afraid of any new war with Americans, because only them could cause destruction and not win any war, that have be my worry to any conflict and using nuclear weapons, then could making humans vanish forever. 22/05/2013 By A.Oscar

  11. benzin says:

    Titans still alive?

  12. arkhangelsk says:

    I like how the helmsman’s station is clearly cheaper looking than the others :-D

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