31 Awesome Abandoned Castle In Ukraine

Awesome Abandoned Castle In Ukraine

Posted on May 17, 2013 by team

Unfortunately many wonderful abandoned places do not have any respect or attention. But maybe it makes them even more enchanting. Podgoretsky castle is often called the “Ukrainian Versailles”. It is unique because of its architecture – Renaissance style and heavy bastilles. The complex of the castle consists of a three-storey castle itself, Italian park, inn and entrance gates. It used to be one of the best palace complexes in Europe.

Probably the history of the castle dates back to the twelfth century when not far from Podgortsy village was an ancient settlement with a fortification nearby.

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31 responses to “Awesome Abandoned Castle In Ukraine”

  1. peterus says:

    Thanks communists and bolsheviks i tis now destroyed and abandoned.

  2. Janek says:

    Built by the Poles, owned by the Poles. The Ukrainian had and still have nothing to do with this. Except the devastation.

    • Bism says:

      Owned by the Poles, stolen from the Poles by red mob.
      Now is described as Ukrainian property…

      • ivan says:

        ouch. well if its so legitimately Polish,– then Poland can make a legal case out of it.

        can we get along? (Ukrainians and Poles)?
        hope so.

  3. Piotr says:

    After searching for more information on the Internet, it seems that this castle is not abandoned, only that it is not very well-maintained. The castle is open as a tourist attraction. The government of Ukraine probably does not have much interest in renovating old castles like this. Considering the grand history of Ukraine, I would guess that there is a huge number of castles like this scattered all over the country.

  4. przesiedlony says:

    Waszmość Żmudziński, jakie piękne ? To jest to co zostało z II RP i po Rzewuskich.

  5. Osip says:

    Faux castle. Tasteless display of wealth by the stupid rich. Better for it to rot away.

    • Adolf Skroatler says:

      “Stupid rich”, you sir, are very ignorant. Should we allow the splendors of Rome rot away too? Or maybe the magnificent riches of St. Petersburg?

      I know that lots of you communist types felt that Obama was going to deliver the Marxist dreamworld to the masses, but now his days are numbered. The massive shift to the Left has halted, the people have awakened from their slumber, and now begins the shift to the Right.

      Good day sir, enjoy your life on welfare while those programs still exist. Because soon, only the truly needy shall receive the handouts, and folks like you will be required to get off your ass and go to work.


      • Gogeta says:

        You are a neanderthal simpleton if you think Obama is anything but a centre-right corporatist.

        • Chico says:

          So silly. Of course, everyone bad is somehow on the right. This is exactly how the Klan spoke of blacks and the Nazis of Jews. Everything bad, anything bad, had to somehow be Jewish or Negro. You are right about Obama being a crony capitalist, but he’s not center (as an American would write it) right. You need to expand your mind.

      • Busard says:

        Adolf le bien nommé ! “Arbeit macht frei” est la phrase imposée aux humains dont le travail était exploité jusqu’à la mort par de “bons capitalistes” allemands. Le virage à droite est surtout caractérisé par une montée sans précédent du nazisme décomplexé. Il est par ailleurs risible d’entendre dire qu’Obama est marxiste !

  6. llednew says:

    it was the most affluent Palace in Europe in the XVII century before appearance of Versailles palace. It was built to reflect the style, the scale and the tastes of the best royal families in the XVII century.

    Designed by Italian architects, its majestic garden terraces, embellished with antique sculptures, appeared at least 20 years earlier than those famous of Versailles.

    The walls in Podgoretskyi Palace were the first in the world to become the home for the art paintings by Rembrandt and Vandyke.

    DSC01298During the USSR the castle was robbed of everything which was possible to steal. Now the antique-like sculptures are displayed in Summer Garden in St.Petersburg.

    It is known that Versailles influenced many architectureal ensembles in Europe, however… it seems that this is the palace which had influenced Versailles in the first place.

    Louis the XIV only started Versailles in 1661 when the Palace of Hetman Konetspolsky had alreadyDSC01271 existed for 20 years. Podgoretsky Palace was built by the Italian architect who represented the leading architect school at the timem, whilst Versailles was built by French architects who were the followers of Italian trend.

    So luxurious was the internal decoration of the castle that it made a Russian tsar Peter the First envy. The Russian tsar held this castle as a model when he ordered and watched the construction of his residence.

  7. Cpt Kaint says:

    it’s been in the middle of several wars and the insides burned or heavily damaged. It will take a lot to fix it up again. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pidhirtsi_Castle

  8. Richard S. says:

    It’s restorable. Could be used for multi-family, hotel/motel, museum, and other uses.

  9. twill says:

    The owner had 10s of thousands of Ukrainian serfs (slaves) to keep this place up.

    • Anatole says:

      Thanks twill. We shouldn’t let its beauty blind us to the exploitation that created and maintained it. It should be a museum so the descendants of those slaves can enjoy the labour of their ancestors.

  10. Rascallyraven says:

    A beautiful piece of architecture ………….. but not particularly well conceived as a defensive bulwark………. ……….still beautiful and a tribute to architectural genius of the time

  11. Guardian of Commowealth says:

    Dear Sir. I am not sure did Hetman Koniecpolski had 10s of thousands of servants. Maybe have or maybe not. I am not sure which historical document you are quote. But I am sure he haven’t any slaves. In Polish-Lituanian Commowealth all peasants were protected by Magdeburgian land law. Of course tey have to work in landlord’s field and nominally were judged by their lord. But in return received some profits e.g like help (materials) in build of new houses or help in case of natural disaster (so called “Serwituty” or servitute rights). It was a quite opposite of the position of russian peasant, which acording to law was personal property od Boyars . He might have been sold, donated or lost in cards. So IMHO russian peasant could be refered as “slaves” but not those from Commonwealth. In fact, manny russian serfs escape to Commonwealth and enjoy Polish/Lituanian/Ruthenian “enslavement”.

    • you says:

      Serfdom in the PLC was worse than anywhere else in Europe. Poland started binding their peasants to the land long before that started in Russia. Polish szlachta combined this with their own racial theories – they were the Sarmatians ruling over the Slavs. They were so great that they helped motivate a shockingly bloody rebellion in 1648.

      “In fact, manny russian serfs escape to Commonwealth and enjoy Polish/Lituanian/Ruthenian “enslavement”.”

      Ha ha ha. Runaway peasants from both empires went to the Cossacks.

    • Irek says:

      One important comment! Some of the authors above use Hetman as a Christian name of the castle founder: namely Stanislaw Koniecpolski. I suspect that it is due to the article in Wikipedia http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pidhirtsi_Castle. To be precise the proper name of the founder is Stanislaw Koniecpolski. Stanisław – written with “slashed l” i.e. polish soft “l” – is the guy’s Christian first name. “Hetman” was the title of the highest rank in Polish military structure in that period of time: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hetman. It was something like Chief Commander of Polish military forces. In Wikipedia it was written in such a way as if it was a name – which is completely wrong. Actually there were few hetmans in kingdom of Poland. Stanislaw Koniecpolski was Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth’s Grand Crown Hetman which means that he was the second in rank and importance person in the state, just after the king.

  12. lortea says:

    Polish castle destroyed by russian barbarians. Now Ukrainians can restore this monument and cashing on tourists, but waiting I dont knew for what.

  13. Rodzina Koniecpolscy says:

    Starania naszej rodziny w odzyskaniu zamku doczekały się szczęśliwego zakończenia . W przyszłym roku zaczynamy renowacje.

  14. Sasha says:

    In Soviet period there was a tuberculous clinic in this Castle.. also the movie “The Three Musketeers” was shot there.

  15. R says:

    Yet, Versailles was based on a lost palace in brussels. But I do love this castle, I do, not too oversized. and 3rd! where can I buy it?!

  16. ChingghisKhan says:

    Hi R. Send me 15 mio. USD in Bitcoins and you can have it.

  17. WILLIAM D. MARROW JR says:


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