3 How to Grow Pikes

How to Grow Pikes

Posted on May 16, 2013 by team

The ice and snow have already melted and for someone it means the time of pike. Right now you’ll see some photos from the place where this fish is grown.

These guys found a small wooden shed close to the river and bought some pools.

The shed must be clean.

Then they made such plexiglass incubator sections.

Pumps, compressors, aerators were connected with hoses and the water was let in.

The tummy must be toweled dry and then the caviar can be drained off.

Be kind to the fish and stroke its tummy and it will give you about 45 thousand eggs.

It’s much more difficult with male fishes, stroking their tumies is not enough. Milt is pumped out with a syringe.


We won’t need a lot of milts though.

Now the most interesting process is starting: fertilization. What we need to do is to carefully mix these products up with a quill.

The fertilized eggs are drained into an incubator (separate one for each female!) and the water is turned on.

Caviar in the incubator looks just like this.

White eggs are either dead or about to die. It’s normal to lose 40% of caviar in such a business. But here they lose less than 30%! Because they love what they do.

The water is pumped from below separately to each incubator, its amount depends on amount of caviar and its age. The water rises up and flows into the pool.

Dead eggs are lighter than live ones.  The pikes are mostly given a tender kiss and set free. But some are not.

In the nets muscrats can be found, they are quite harmful for the business.

What happens to those fishes which were finally killed? They gonna be eaten in dumplings…

And it’s not the worst which could happen with them!

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3 responses to “How to Grow Pikes”

  1. Fishy says:

    Are pike that desirable in the fishmarkets?

    It seems that these people are really working hard for their “crop”.

  2. amertrash says:

    Living in the north central US I can’t say I’ve ever seen Northern Pike for sale. I’ve caught/eaten plenty of it thou, tastes fine like Walleye. Just a major pain in the ass to clean from the bones.

  3. vaness parker says:

    Omg! would you be kind enough to tell me as far the taste what fish in united states taste like a pike?

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