1 Helicopters Over Moscow

Helicopters Over Moscow

Posted on May 16, 2013 by team

We are going to join some helicopters and fly straight to the exhibition Heli Russia-2013 and also visit the joint company of “Russian Helicopters” and “AgustaWestland” where they build AW-139 helicopters.

Three exhibits of the Heli Russia 2013 are almost ready for the flight. On the picture above – AW-139 – medium twin-engine helicopter.

Another exhibit is a light multipurpose Ka-226T.

Mi-35 is behind the reporters.


Mi-35 is the first to take off.

It is followed by AW-139.
AW-139 is a medium two-engine helicopter with a takeoff mass of 6400/6800 kg, it can transport up to fifteen passengers. Aw-139 is often used as a VIP helicopter for special flights and work on shlefs, in emergency situations, rescue operations, for fire fighting.

Agusta Westland is one of the world leading companies that develops and makes helicopters. It is included in Finmeccanica group.

The third one to take off is the Ka-226T – light multipurpose helicopter with coaxial rotors. Thanks to its modular construction it can be used for rescue of those who suffer distress, can become an ambulance vehicle, can patrol specially protected areas, it can transport passengers or loads – either externally or inside the cabin.

The exhibits are up in the air.

Flying over the helipad.

Agusta flies first, Mi-35 follows it and the last is Ka-226T.

Cooling towers look always awesome from above!

Flying near the thermal power plant.

Flying over the invvovation centre Skolkovo.

Almost there, in Tushino.

Agusta is landing…

The government house of the Moscow region.

And the helipad nearby.

Ka-226T is landing.

The helipad called HELIEXPRESS.

Another exhibit – Eurocopter-145.

The Ansat is meeting guests.

Mi-2 is being shown to the guests.

This vehicle is presented in Russia for the first time – Eurocopter ES-130.

“Robinson” is flying over the dangerous zone.


And one more “Robinson”.

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