2 The Place Where Tanks Are Still Repaired

The Place Where Tanks Are Still Repaired

Posted on May 15, 2013 by team

Right now we’ll pay a visit to Armoured Repair Plant №61 in St. Petersburg to see how they repair tanks.

This plant has been reparing combat vehicles since it was created. Mostly T-72 and T-80 tanks.

Right at the entrance to the territory of the plant we can see this T-80, the main battle tank of the Soviet armed forces. Its weight is 42,5 tons, its main weapon is the 125 mm gun 2A46 which fires with speed of 6-8 rounds per minute.

Ovehrhauls of these tanks started here in 1992.

These tracks were intended to tread Europe.

There are about twenty shops in the plant. The most interesting of them is an assembling and disassembling one.

Here the tanks are taken to pieces, broken details are replaced with new ones, old parts are sent to markets of friendly countries.

The shop is rather clean.


The shell of T-80U tank.

The shell of the T-80 after the overhaul.

This is already another shop.

In the paint booth.

T-80’s ammunition chute.

Here they install an artillery turret, nearby is a weapon paiting booth.


Barrels are ready for paiting.

The barrle is refaced and painted. If wear is above normal, a barrel is replaced with a new one.

Disassembled commander’s hatches.

The micrometer that measures a degree of a bore wear. Next to it is a standard ring and a barrel strain tester.

Here they repair straps.

Some Soviet engine. By the way, tank engines can operate on any fuel (gasoline, diesel fuel, kerosene).

Transmission gear boxes.

The case with spare parts, the pipe of the deep fording kit of T-72 tank.


Turret of T-80BV tank.


The shell of T-80BV.

Disassembled T-80U.

One more disassembled T-72.


Side view of T-72.

The fire tank on the chassis of T-54/55.

Tank Т-80BV and spare parts lying nearby.

This fire tank so much resembles the cartoon character Wall-E!

It produces air-filled foam and extinguishes flammable liquids and solid fuels, creates light and heat shield in areas of accidents, catastrophies, natural disasters, besides it is used for degasification and deactivation, disguise of civil and military facilities.

Inside of a fire tank.

Old tracks are used as paths for tanks.

It even has flashing lights!

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  1. Patriot says:

    The large steel ring about 1/2 way down is called the race ring. Its the ring the turret sits on.

  2. Mohit_S says:

    Wow,Want to visit at this place….!!! I am a great fan of tanks,Specially Soviet Tanks….!!!

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