4 New Federal University of Russia

New Federal University of Russia

Posted on May 14, 2013 by team

We have repeatedly shown you photos of the bridge over Zolotory Rog Bay in the Russian Far East. And maybe you know that on the island Russkiy this bridge connects Vladivostok with is a new university was being built. Now we can show some photos of the ready campus of the Far Eastern Federal University.

This is how the campus looks from the air.


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4 Responses to “New Federal University of Russia”

  1. Vladivistok says:

    I’ve been to Vladivostok when they were building that bridge. Everyone told me the contractor building it was using cheap materials to save money. I wouldn’t go on that bridge if you value your life.

  2. Timothy Erickson says:

    Where are the people?

  3. John Arley Burns says:

    Potemkin University? Friends of Putin College? Now let’s see what the dorms look like…

  4. Captain Orthogonality says:

    It is empty now. And it will stay empty. They’d better build university on the moon.

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