5 Year 1905: Flax Factory Making Sacks

Year 1905: Flax Factory Making Sacks

Posted on May 12, 2013 by team

These are some rare shots dated 1905 of the Kulotino flax factory making sacks in the Novgorod region. They had really nice equipment, many machines from abroad, houses for workers.

“Okulovskaya Sack Factory”.


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5 Responses to “Year 1905: Flax Factory Making Sacks”

  1. Cork Sacker says:

    Flax! The material used for the bags is flax, not flux.

    Had me confused there!

    Now, what does one put in a flax sack? Flour? Corks?

  2. Osip says:

    Not a good shop to be attempt to work with hangover!

  3. George O'Reilly says:

    Could that have be ‘flax’ instead of ‘Flux’?

  4. Stuart says:

    In picture 8 it seems there is a badly stuffed fox sitting on a bar above the machinery.

  5. Roeloffzen says:

    In 1970 we made the first non-woven flax, called “Milieu Bag” and suited for disposals. This all to reduce plastic that was not environmental. The whole street was in production for a short period, but was boycotted by the mighty Plastic lobby. So, a lot of experience,hard work and money in the drain. Bankrupt was our reward!

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