1 The Place Where Real Men Are Born

The Place Where Real Men Are Born

Posted on May 10, 2013 by team

Those who have to come to army are mainly absolutely unprepared for what they come across there. They have just left their careful and loving mothers to plunge into army hardships and disappointments. Professional teachers and doctors, for example, are trained for a long time while conscript soldiers have only one month of practice before they are sent to any flash point where they simply turn into cannon fodder.

This is the main reason why the military patriotic union “Cascade” was created. Boys from Zhukovsky (city in the Moscow region), mainly troubled teens, learn to swim, shoot, box, drive – everything a real man has to able to do. The best of them have a right to go to the training camp in summer. The conditions of life there are almost the same as combat ones.

They have to try the soldier’s life to the full: early rising, exhausting square-bashing, difficult training, quick marches… They constantly feel pain and tiredness. Believe it or not, but the boys like it! Probably they like this feeling – the feeling of being adult. The most pleasant is to say yourself in the very end – “I’ve made it!”


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  1. Dan says:

    Very interesting, thanks for posting these pictures.

    It looks as if they are training with mock-up Izhevsk Type 1 first-model Kalashnikovs (possibly rubber guns? Or decomissioned original weapons?)

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