8 That Far 1943

That Far 1943

Posted on May 9, 2013 by team

A selection of impressive black and white photographs of that uneasy year 1943.

Soviet artillerymen fighting under the cover of a smoke screen.

Soviet artillerymen are shooting at the German troops boxed in Stalingrad.

Soviet tank T-34 destroyed somewhere in Kharkiv.

Sumskaya street.

Attack planes Il-2 are leaving for a combat mission near Stalingrad.

The crew of the Soviet bomber Pe-2 at the airfield.

Soviet soldiers sitting at the fire in a lull minute in Stalingrad.

German tanks and other equipment captured near Stalingrad.

Wehrmacht Tiger tank stuck at the bank of the Znamenka river.

T-34 tanks made over the plan for the Ural volunteer tank corps.


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8 Responses to “That Far 1943”

  1. Doug says:

    Same things still going on today. Different places and people but basically the same. Nothing changes. Very sad really…welcome to endless war.

  2. lortea says:

    Soviet Russia and German Nazis, close friends from 20-es to 1941, and enemies only by next 4 years. Why not to show photos from September 1939, when both armies were friends?

  3. Buratino says:

    Fantastic photos!, most are new to me

  4. m says:

    these times were hell on earth, the soviet soldiers are truly heroes for not only enduring but winning this fight!

  5. tonepoet says:

    The photos are pretty intense. War is hell, and seeing it in photo always turns my stomach a bit.

  6. Alper says:

    These photo’s make me wanna play Call of Duty!

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