4 Seeing A Bit More At the Air Show

Seeing A Bit More At the Air Show

Posted on May 9, 2013 by team

Right now we are going to visit the airfield called “Sokol” (“Falcon”). There are many people are about to arrive and see the air show which will be held there, but we will better look around and see at what vehicles they use.

Authorized entry only.

Missile mock-ups – the smallest one weighs about 140 kg.


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4 Responses to “Seeing A Bit More At the Air Show”

  1. George Johnson says:

    Those are LANDING lights, not infrared. Connected to the landing gear, so they light the path of where the gear is, and raise up when the plane takes off.
    It may have that infrared capability, but those are landing lights.

  2. rick says:

    To the guy eho cant save the images…right click on image…save image as…

  3. Jeffrey Tan says:

    He wasn’t talking about the landing lights. The IRST is the semi-submerged tube underneath the fuselage, above the landing lights. It is surrounded by 4 itot tube the OP mentions as air measuring devices.

  4. francesco says:

    the straps connected to the ejection seat in the first pictures isn’t really to hold the feet during manouvers, but to retract the legs before an eject.

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