4 Seeing A Bit More At the Air Show

Seeing A Bit More At the Air Show

Posted on May 9, 2013 by team

Right now we are going to visit the airfield called “Sokol” (“Falcon”). There are many people are about to arrive and see the air show which will be held there, but we will better look around and see at what vehicles they use.

Authorized entry only.

Missile mock-ups – the smallest one weighs about 140 kg.

Those straps below are to fix legs to prevent them from dangling all over the cabin when maneuvers are performed.

It’s a new seat K-36DM which also has such straps. To the right is the hose of an oxygen mask. Red handles are catapult activation levers.

The mask is on.

All these people want to get inside the MiG-31.

Some little planes.

Closer view of the MiG.

Do you remember Terminator to have a similar mini-gun? This one is even cooler! Six-barreled 23-mm aircraft automatic Gatling gun. In the drum are 260 cartridge shells.

Four more missiles on the bottom. Each weighs 490 kg.

To the right is the thing which slows the plane on the runway.

Infra-red search and track can detect targets at the distance up to 40 km. Those four smaller things around it are speed measuring devices.

Airscoops are really big.

These are blast pipes. The length of the flame can reach fifteen meters. Supersonic aircraft MiG-31 can speed up to 3000 km/h.

Over the pipes is a compartment for a parachute, it opens before landing. Below is an axle jack. If a lot of parts are disassebled from the plane it can sit on its bottom…

What a nice place to watch the air show from.

These strange things are needed to protect trees when air engines are starting.

This thing is needed to start the aircraft, they can’t do it without electricity.

Someone has been drifting.

This hole indicates the degree of wear.

YAK-40 is for local airlines. Let’s see what’s inside.

Pay for the travel!

So many devices, panels and levers!

Every pilot has an aerator.

That red button is to extinguish fire.

Emergency exit?

Adults are even worse than children! They do not want to leave the aircraft!

Could you pick me up?

Fire guards have their own place to observe the show from.

Fueling the plane.

You are a bit nervous when 90 tons of steel is right over your head. Pilots like to joke!

In the cabin of the MiG-31 – command pilot’s place.

That hook on the control wheel is for firing missiles!

How many missiles will we fire? One or two?

The place for the gunner. It hard for him to see what’s ahead. But in fact he doesn’t need to.

By the way you can be a co-pilot for 30-40 minutes for 400-600 thousand rubles (13-20 thousand dollars). Then you can be given a record with your frightened eyes after acrobatic maneuvers.

On the fighter with her heels on!

There is an airborne radar in the grey nose of that aircraft.

The rest of the MiGs will hardly be restored.

How to put an oxygen mask on?

This is Mi-8. It really has a lot of modifications.

The main building at the airfield. The control room is on its roof but we are not allowed to enter.

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4 Responses to “Seeing A Bit More At the Air Show”

  1. George Johnson says:

    Those are LANDING lights, not infrared. Connected to the landing gear, so they light the path of where the gear is, and raise up when the plane takes off.
    It may have that infrared capability, but those are landing lights.

  2. rick says:

    To the guy eho cant save the images…right click on image…save image as…

  3. Jeffrey Tan says:

    He wasn’t talking about the landing lights. The IRST is the semi-submerged tube underneath the fuselage, above the landing lights. It is surrounded by 4 itot tube the OP mentions as air measuring devices.

  4. francesco says:

    the straps connected to the ejection seat in the first pictures isn’t really to hold the feet during manouvers, but to retract the legs before an eject.

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