10 Soviet Planes 1941-44

Soviet Planes 1941-44

Posted on May 5, 2013 by team

Right now we are going to show some interesting pictures of Russian planes 1941-1944 taken from the Finnish archives.

On the photo above – UTI-4, Olonets, 8th September 1941, preserved till these days.

U-2, serial number 11429. Captured in February, 19, 1939. The pucture was taken in September, 27, 1941 in Helsinki at the exhibition of trophies.

DB-3 that made emergency landing at the power station “Svir”, 27 September, 1941.


Captured Soviet hangar with gliders. Petrozavodsk, 24 October, 1941.

Captured Soviet hangar with gliders. Petrozavodsk, 24 October, 1941.

Crashed SB.

January 29, 1944, Finnish Pe-2.

January 25, 1944.

Finnish Pe-2. June 30, 1944.


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10 Responses to “Soviet Planes 1941-44”

  1. CZenda says:

    Finnish Air Force must have been running the most colorful flying circus at the time. I remember we once tried to count number of countries from which the aircrafts came, and it was enormous. Keeping them airworthy must have been enormous task.

  2. snails says:

    Nice, photos are taken from Finnish source.

  3. Jim-Bob says:

    For those wondering why the swastika is seen on the Finnish planes, they were allied with Germany during WWII to try and beat back Soviet aggression against Finland. it has nothing to do with supporting Naziism, but rather with the old adage “he enemy of my enemy is my friend.” The US and UK were allied with the USSR, so they were not likely to come to the aide of Finland at the cost of their ally the USSR. So, Finland didn’t have much choice in the matter as the USSR was allowed to swallow the Balkans without resistance at around the same time.

  4. tobblach says:

    Very interesting archi!Thank you!

  5. Yea!!! says:

    The Great State of Finland was created by Russia in the Great Northern War. So Finlands attempt to bite off a piece of USSR in Baltic seems ungrateful!!! No pitty for traitors! They voluterely allied themselves with Nazi’s who by the way killed 6 million Jews, Half of civilian population of Belarus and Ukraine, 1/10 of population of Poland. So, I don’t see whats the argument here, they painted swasticas on their planes, then they are just as good as Nazis!

  6. Evandro Ribeiro says:

    The name Aerocobra is wrong, Airacobra is the correct. Bell P-39, have a Allison V12 engine, mounted behind the cockpit, with a axle sending the power to the propeller. The cockpit have two doors, in each side, like a sport car.
    From Brazil.

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