2 The City That Does Not Promise Longevity

The City That Does Not Promise Longevity

Posted on May 4, 2013 by team

Bragin is an urban settlement in Belarus located not so far from the city of Gomel in the direction of the Chernobyl NPP. It’s a nightmare of graduates who were provided state-subsidized education and the place where such “stars” perform who don’t sound familiar to others.

Bragin is very old, it is already 866.

“Polessye State Radiation and Ecological Reserve” was founded in 1988.

“The territory of the special legal status, admission by order, radiation hazard”.

Bragin is situated 100 km from this board, and there is an inhabited settlement behind the checkpoint. People live there not because the place is “clean” but just because they do…

Those “stars” who come here and perform in the local House of Culture.

The central square.

T-34 is in the centre of Bragin.

Nearby is the monument to the abandoned villages and to Vasiliy Ignatenko who careless of his own life was extinguishing the fire of the burning reactor and died from the radiation dose incompatible with life or even hundreds of lives…

Maybe thanks to such people as Vasiliy Ignatenko Gomel of today does not resemble Pripyat and only the southernmost areas of the region are marked with the signs of radiation.

“Caution! Troll from the road police!” (here is what remained from the Russian word meaning “Control”).

Bragin is one of few places on Earth where peaceful atom in appreciable quantity coexists with people. Nobody likes this and the demographic problem is quite typical for Bragin. People rarely appear here in a natural way, but some still may be placed here on a job. To work at school, for example.

In fact there are enough places where people can work here, and there would be even more if the rudiments of industry didn’t die after the catastrophe. Here’s what has remained from the bread-baking plant.


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  1. RB says:

    Rest in peace Vasiliy Ignatenko,Jesus taught us that a man has no greater gift then to lay down his life for his fellow man.

  2. Reader says:

    Lyudmilla Ignatenko
    Wife of fireman Vasily Ignatenko story


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