11 The King of Transport: An 124

The King of Transport: An 124

Posted on May 3, 2013 by team

“Ruslan” or “Condor” is the plane with the world largest carrying capacity (excluding “An-225 Mriya” which is the only one). It can carry 880 soldiers, some tanks, a garage of cars, a train with a locomotive and even other planes. To fully load it there must be 150 tons of cargo. It broke the record when carried 171 tons in the Soviet time in response to the American C5-Galaxy. Let’s have a closer view of the plane right now.

The first An-124 rose in the air in December, 24th, 1982. It was designed mainly for military purposes – for transportation of ballistic missile launchers, personnel paratroopers and armored vehicles. Fifty six units were built in general, most of them are used by the Russian Ministry of Defense and “Volga-Dnieper” company.

Its chassis has twenty four wheels which enable the plane to be used on unsurfaced areas, change clearance and fuselage angle which helps to load various vehicles and no-standard cargoes.

The plane has two wide hatches: on its nose and its tail.


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  1. Madak says:

    5th picture. Why is it upside down?

  2. A.Oscar says:

    All of you Russians should be proud of being Russian: the technology are one of the best in the world, and continue to advance in many ways. USA very soon will get into the same situation USSR went through , but worse than USSR, because millions of Americans living in miserable condition which no one have thought that will come. USA keep making paper money: and devaluation of the dollar never came in yet, for that matter the fall will be more like a chaos for all American’s. I wish human beings could understand better; and stop any kind of wars and look into Globe Warming, invent so when is cold, more than before, all because exceeds moister all way around the world. God luck to all of you, Russians.

    • henri says:

      I think the same as you Oscar.
      I see Russia growing and USA declining.
      poverty is harder to endure if you lived healthy in the past and – unfortunately – fall is painful for American citizens.

      I left a western country and now I live in ex USSR. I enjoy very much this new life.

      Have a nice day. Henri

  3. Bill says:

    Oscar has it right.The Americans just dont seem to ever learn from their mistakes until its way too late.

  4. Steve says:

    A very impressive aircraft. Oleg Antonov always loved big planes. I’ll be interested to see if the C-5, which went into service 13 years earlier, will be able to compete with newer engines and avionics.

  5. to A.Oscar says:

    “the technology are one of the best in the worl” – WTF?!

    Oscar, are you okay? All the best technologies from Russia was just copies from the WEST. :)))

    You are blind.

    • henri says:

      and US technology were copied from Germans :)

    • Mike Talino says:

      > All the best technologies from Russia was just copies from the WEST.

      This “all” makes it visible who’s talking — just an undereducated teenager.

      • West says:

        Sure?! Ok, I can just remind your the best technologies – Chernobili, Kursk. Need more? :))) Okay, Zhiguli (as kapeika) was copied from Fiat, Zil from Japan model. More?

        Moshvich and Gaz was the first car for soviets which they tried to make for themselves, want to remember how it was working? oh really shit.

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