2 Mining Anthracite of the Highest Quality

Mining Anthracite of the Highest Quality

Posted on May 3, 2013 by team

The Kolyvansky coal mine is situated in the Novosibirsk region. In 2011 its proven reserves amounted to 97 million tons of useful material. The mine will be used for forty eight years more. The mine belongs to the only coal mining company in the region – “Siberian Anthracite”.

The mine has been developed since 2007.

Here they extract unique antrathite of an ultra high grade.

Anthracite is the most ancient fossil coal of the highest degree of coalification. The best coal is the shining one of black color, with high calorific value.

Anthracites of this mine have unique physical and chemical properties, they have a high content of carbon and low content of sulphur, volatiles and ash.

They apply the transport method of the mine development.

The main equipment is hydraulic excavators Liebherr ER9250 with a bucket capacity of 15m ³.

Besides they have five units of Bucyrus RH120E excavators (bucket capacity is 17 m3).

Besides, they use BelAZ trucks with capacity from 50 to 220 tons.


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  1. notatall says:

    great pictures !

  2. A.Oscar says:

    Anthracites one of many kinds of coal: which could be transformed in petroleum, its more clean burning than others coal’s, but using in excess could create another problem , like anything else in excess. I mention a few times about Russia by be the bigger country in the world; have room to expand in many ways, special agriculture. I mention before of letting private companies to be involve in plantation of all kinds of grain to export to around the world. Not many countries having tremendous facilities like Russia when comes to grow many kinds of food. I know the winters are real tough, but time goes fast and again the summer will be there.

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