16 Fire Power

Fire Power

Russian recent fire power, shots made across the country during the military drills, together with
Belarussian soldiers. All photos inside are clickable for a larger viewing pleasure.
5 Casting Demons Out of Your Dog

Casting Demons Out of Your Dog

Exorcism act performed on a dog. Reality now -
unprobable and dangerous just twenty years ago.
15 City Is Going Under Ground [23 pics]

City Is Going Under Ground [23 pics]

All this things happened in one city of Samara, in just recent times. The citizens panic that the city is gradually going under the ground,
they started signing a petition to save their city from the unseen crysis which creeps them out - the city is literally sinking.
6 Avatar Cosplay

Avatar Cosplay

We also have the "Avatar" movie fans there. No, really. The one to the left holds a popular Soviet dish "Sweet Condensed Milk" - was really one of
the only delights freely available to kids in USSR, the girl holds, well you should see yourself what does she hold. Sorry, just one photo.
11 Meanwhile in Army

Meanwhile in Army

Meanwhile in army they study more and more advanced methods of
modern warfare. It's a pity, but just one photo has leaked.
3 Real Street Art

Real Street Art

What you see on the picture above is not a photoshopped version of pic before and after but rather a real life before and after shots of the illegal street art. Yes, it was totally illegal and guerrilla act of decorating world around us in Russian city of Novosibirsk - the third largest city of the
nation. It was meticiously planned way ahead which involved taking the precise measurments and then crafting the giant lampshades that covered the street lamps. The result is a beautiful creation which shaded the street light and turned the street into a more miraclous place.
2 Don’t Park Your Car in Puddles

Don’t Park Your Car in Puddles

In Northern region they have one simple rule in spring. Don't ever park your car overnight close to big puddles or snow piles, because what happens is that hot
spring sun melts it pretty fast but freezing spring nights get it back to an icy state and this is what happens to your car if you don't follow the rules.
11 Driving in Moscow

Driving in Moscow

Driving around Moscow lately is not easy - the all snow started to melt and this is what
you get - brownish water, and luxury Mercedes and other cars cruising thru this.

13 Sermons In The Frost

Sermons In The Frost

The Eastern Orthodox Church, the second largest Christian Church in the world, will celebrate Easter in May. But before that there are days of long fasting. Today we'll look at
the life of Russian priests who came to the northern Russian town of Tiksi as missionaries to sermonize, conduct Mass and hasten the construction of a new church.

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