16 Soviet Steam Car Powered With Wood: The First And The Last

Soviet Steam Car Powered With Wood: The First And The Last

The unique truck we gonna tell you about appeared in 1949. People still remembered about severe war time when freighters had to perform their tasks with a shortage of liquid fuel - gasoline. Partially the problem was solved by
gas-producer vehicles - heavy and demanding - they allowed to get gas for powering engines. However such vehicles were not efficient enough and engineers thought about steamers which were used widely abroad in the 1920-40s. 
7 Russian Music 1987

Russian Music 1987

After 70 years of the iron curtain and a ban on any music that could sound "Western" to a Russian ear, gradually the first bands appeared trying to sound as Western as they could. Among lots of examples that really
are not worthy of being listed here, this one is pretty positive in two ways: it sounds pretty decent even now, and at the same time the band members look dramatic. The audience is worth a look as well.
6 Katyushas Fire

Katyushas Fire

Katyushas trucks firing the "Katyusha" rockets as seen by the driver of a Katyusha truck. As long that this happens in Ukraine one can notice a truck driver accepting the "Fire!" order via his regular
cell phone, probably it's just a call and not any encrypted medium so basically the owners of cell company can track (if they want) where are the next Katyushas are going to be fired.
3 Epic Hot Water Fountain

Epic Hot Water Fountain

The most epic underground fountain made up of hot water sprung on one of Smolensk city main square. Throwing tons of trash and stones as large as a building brick it found its way deep from inside of
the ground and high into the skies, sending the rocks and dirt all across the parking lot. We have here more photos and a video how it all started, luckily captured on a surveillance cam.
19 Your Heroes Are Ghosts

Your Heroes Are Ghosts

Where had the old heroes gone? In fact they didn't they just moved aside and wait till their glory
time would come again, leaving the space now for the new capitalistic ideals and leaders...
2 Another Day Goes By

Another Day Goes By

"Oh, think twice, 'cause it's another day in...".
Basically just one shot, but it's so full of life.
6 Failed Attempt

Failed Attempt

Failed assassination attempt in St. Petersburg. Nobody gets hurt, however the act itself was extremely well caught on
security cam - so you can witness something that is rarely can be seen - real act, real people, very upclose filming.
3 Guess What Is That

Guess What Is That

People started to noticing this strange simple things, like a planks between a tree and appartment home window and a
nearby public street tree. What it happens to be is pretty simple and same time ingenious - see the answer inside.
1 Visiting a Post Office

Visiting a Post Office

Whenever you decide to ship stuff from post office and bring your camera with you be ready for this (probably). Though looks like he didn't want to ship but rather solve some other questions, still the
reaction of post office staff is worth watching, at least the chance are very rare that you ever have seen your local post office worker doing things like this. Especially with a broom.
5 Classified Eggs

Classified Eggs

I mean, eggs as classifieds. Recently a new trend appeared in some Russian cities to use the mass chicken egg production as a medium for a short text messages that can instantly reach thousands of people in the city overnight, with a message as clear as it was texted to them by someone. The reason for this is partially because all eggs in Russia used to be marked with
expiry date by special dot printers, one by one, not just a case in bulk. Those dot printers are very easy to program and add anything else besides the exp. date, so they use them to print ads. The pic above features eggs advertising the sale of a "Peugeot" (French brand of cars) and the phone number of the seller. The one below is about...

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