6 Dont Post It Online!

Dont Post It Online!

If you've got a cool photo (you think it is cool) you better not post it online, think twice at least before you do! Those are a couple of
some freshly posted examples of what should be posted only if you want everyone around to remember you just for this photo.
10 In the Lava Mountains

In the Lava Mountains

Going to the mountains is fun, but going to the mountains is even more fun when it is a volcano, an active Russian volcano. Team of explorers
went there and post beautiful images of a mesmerizing natural wonders. You can click any of the picture below for a bigger picture.
2 Going Out with a Pet

Going Out with a Pet

Just a couple regular citizens on the morning walk with their pets in a neighborhood of apartment houses. Look how
people are not alarmed, why express signs of interest if this is a regular thing going around every day here.

15 Road is Closed: Jets Are Landing

Road is Closed: Jets Are Landing

This is what literary drivers could here from the police officers closed the road in Belarus a few days ago. They were getting it pretty serious - a few fighter jet
and heavy bombers were landing directly on the highway as well as some support helicopters. All in the effort of making a special air force drills.
Снимок экрана 2013-04-17 в 17.04.15
0 Pepsi Toilet Tissue

Pepsi Toilet Tissue

In Ukraine you can easily buy "PEPSI" toilet tissue and use it as you wish. One hundred meters long (around three
hundred feet long!), it doesn't clearly bare the PEPSI name but has a distinct PEPSI logo on its packaging.
3 With Bicycle to the Underground

With Bicycle to the Underground

There is a limit in Moscow (and other Russian) underground transportation system - you can't enter it carrying your bicycle. You can go biking around, but entering the metro system is no-no. Nothing helps - you can't ask the guard to let you come thru or pay
extra to carry it as baggage. So if people get back home late at night and have their two-wheeled friend around they have to do something like this to be able to enter. As a rule the guard is an old lady who won't run for you once you by pass her.
0 Go Skiing

Go Skiing

What all those people do? They ski. Actually, those are highschoolers and they have to ski if it is winter, no matter there is a water around and they can't ski. If
it is said in the school program that you should learn skiing - go skiing. See the video down there to fully understand the scale of this training.
5 Police Arrived

Police Arrived

This is how police arrives (sometimes). Just wait for it, and then: "Don't worry, I am police,
everything is perfectly fine, stay calm!". (He is really dressed as policeman and he is one).
13 Wardrobe Malfunctions

Wardrobe Malfunctions

Please be aware on what are you buying when you are buying a fur coat or you can end up like this Russian lady walking around in her new coat apparently made out of the
rear-most parts of the animals and she seems even don't realize it. It's not clear though if those have holes left in tact or were covered from inside.
9 Ordinary Soviet Man: Yuri Gagarin

Ordinary Soviet Man: Yuri Gagarin

Yuri Gagarin had always been thought of as an ideal man, always with a smile on his face, the symbol of the country, hero of the nation. He was taken so much care of and was so highly valued that for the long period of time he could not do what he liked most - he could not fly. Many historians believe it was the reason why he finally crashed performing his training
flight on the MIG-15UTI - he simply had no enough practice. What kind of a person he really was? What was he dreaming about and what did he like? You are about to see some rare photos of Yuri Gagarin where he appears as an ordinary Soviet man, father and friend, a person who likes various normal activities like fishing and hunting.

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