13 Shadows of the Dead City

Shadows of the Dead City

Chernobyl was left behind and now we are coming to another checkpoint. This is Lelyov - once it was a village with the popultaion of 1 000 people lying on
the bank of the Chernobyl cooling pond, now it is the boundary of the 10 km exclusion zone, the territory that suffered from the accident most.
11 Chernobyl Today

Chernobyl Today

Those who want to come to the exclusion zone of Chernobyl have to file documents for a permit two weeks before their visit. Then they are instructed at the checkpoint: visitors are not allowed to smoke, eat in the open air, take any
plants or items away from the zone, drink water from the wells, rivers or any other ground sources. Bodies should be covered with clothes leaving as few exposed areas as possible (the seamless apparels are preferable).

2 Better Dont Move a House!

Better Dont Move a House!

In 1929 they built one house in Sadovnicheskaya street of Moscow. It was 88 meters long (289 ft). The house had such a construction which consisted of a longer and a shorter parts. Once it was decided to move the house - and not the shorter part, but the longer one which was 86 meters long (282 ft) and 9 thousand tons heavy,
besides they planned to turn this part for nineteen degrees. In 1937 the house was moved along the railways - all the process took a week and did not require eviction of people. Due to the instability of the foundation the trolleys were left in the basement without being removed after the operation.

1 These Sidewalks Are Not For Trucks

These Sidewalks Are Not For Trucks

Here is what happens when a lazy driver wants to park closer to a metal recieving
point and when they try to save on ballast put under a layer of asphalt...

2 The Reverse Side of the Earth

The Reverse Side of the Earth

Have you ever tried to sleep at -9C? Those who did say that one can sleep in comfort even at -25C. 28 марта
2013 года. We are at the far place of Chukotka (in the Russian Far East) which is called Siklyuk.
8 Leader Tower Or Red Magic Stick

Leader Tower Or Red Magic Stick

Construction of the first skyscraper in St. Petersburg is completed. It is 140 meters high and has forty two storeys. Not all the citizens of the city even know it exists
so far. All the surface of the building represents a huge screen. Besides, it can do some magic tricks - sometimes it simply disappears in the morning....
14 Let Them Work

Let Them Work

What are all these people standing here for? These are guest workers from the sunny Caucasus who came to Moscow for doing the work locals don't
wanna do. There are crowds of them at the Federal Migration Service, and they are ready to wait for hours to get a work permit.
3 Unique Cave Convent Of Legends

Unique Cave Convent Of Legends

There is an interesting place in the Voronezh region of Russia - the legendary cave of Pridonye. This cave is a part of the two-throne
Kostomarovo Saviour Cave Convent. No matter how religious you are, this place can impress absolutely anyone. Don't you believe?
4 Granny Liked it Clean

Granny Liked it Clean

Granny in Ukraine fell of the window while cleaning it but stuck in the air conditioning unit outside. A ninety seven year old granny was obsessed with clean windows - clean from the both sides, and because her window had only one part opening she had to reach outside
to clean it from both sides, then one day she reached to far and fell out the window, it could be over here but luckily she got somehow stuck in the outside AC unit where she was spotted by the passers by, and then saved by 911 workers.
20 Its Our Flag

Its Our Flag

In early May there is a day when people used to celebrate the victory in the World War II. Before this day each city tries to put a few billboards with some nice words about the "Victory Day" and each year each city puts new billboards around, hiring new designers to prepare those. And
almost each year in one of the Russian cities one of the designers preparing this stuff messes it up and uses something as an illustration that is not actually correct. We had a post when once they used German Nazi tanks as the glorious victory tanks and now they used this.

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